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I cannot believe all of the issues that my wife and myself have experienced since making a purchase at BadBoy at the beginning of November 2008.

When we went into the store we were getting ready to move and had taken the time to look around a few of the bigger name stores as well as Bad Boy.  While at Bad Boy we were tracked throughout the store by a sales hungry person who continued to bug us even though we mentioned that we were waiting for the salesperson who tried to help us earlier.

So after being in the store for about an hour or two we had finally made our decision to purchase a full 7 piece bedroom set and a sectional sofa with two ottomans.  The salesperson even took the step of trying to close the sale by saying that there were only 8 units left in the bedroom set.    Before signing anything we wanted to ensure that our furniture and bedroom set would be delivered on the date that we requested.  The salesperson promised and guaranteed us that our entire order would be delivered on our moving date which was Nov 28th.  As we purchased at the beginning of November (well in advance) and we were assured it would be delivered we were confident in our decision to purchase through Bad Boy.  This is when all of the fiasco started and continues to unfold.

It appears that at the end of the day all that Bad Boy cares about is making a sale and does not care whether products are delivered as promised, on time, or providing their clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve as a client/customer of Badboy.   The day before we were scheduled to move we received a call from a secretary at Bad Boy that knew absolutely nothing about our order.  Apparently she was delegated to call us and inform us that our entire bedroom except the night table and dresser would not arrive.  When my wife asked when-the lady decided to reply "hopefully sometime in December" as she stumbled her way through an explanation. We made a big mistake going with this company and nobody would tell us anything about the products or when they would be shipped or delivered.   The next day our couch and some of our bedroom set was scheduled to be delivered.  They showed up at noonish and started to unload the furniture into the home.  As they were unpacking and bringing the furniture into the home I started to inspect our furniture that actually did arrive and we started to notice some major issues with the leather sectional that we spent a large amount of money on.  The sectional had 4 skid marks on the back of the sofa which certainly occurred when they were unpacking the sofa in the middle of my street.  Also there was a large scratch mark across one of the cushions and another 3 marks that were scratched throughout the sectional.

At this point, I took the step of contacting Bad Boy directly regarding all of the issues and problems we were having and I received a secretary who basically just brushed me and my issues off and was told to call back as there was no one available. I needed to contact the delivery dept.  The same thing happened as they wanted to pass me off to another department.  I was not going to sit on the phone and call every different department.  SO I decided to go back to the Bad Boy website and sent my concern and frustration to each department that was unable to help me and possibly have a manager call me to help fix all of these problems.  All I could find on the website was a contact us link.  I emailed the same information to Customer Service, London Store, Delivery Dept, and Mel Lastman.  But apparently these contacts do not work as I have not been contacted by any department about any of my issues.

I decided to call back to the London Store and try and touch base with anyone.  Once again I was told that she could take a message and have someone call.  Still no-one has called and it has been almost 10 days.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I have continually tried to email the store manager and a delivery supervisor who sent me an email finally and a contact number to help me get my delivery expedited, but once again I still did not get a response back from the voice-mail and email I sent to that person.

I have the manager of the London Store Manager one email everyday for 6 straight days and I still have not been given any any responses regarding if an when our furniture will be delivered.  As you can see BAD BOY has turned our moving experience into one of the worst experiences of our lives and we would not recommend them to our worst enemy. 

K. Kennedy

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  • Ma
      Feb 26, 2009

    my kids had bought a big screen and a fire place among some other stuff after christmas boxing day, they payed cash and were told the stuff was on back order should be in a few weeks they didnt get it till february after the super ball so no big superball party . then they relized the insert to the fire place had a bash in it, the guys who they say take off shoes or put on covers didnt they just came in wet feet ad all they didnt up pack like they say they do, My daughter called and was told you can have 50 dollars off, she said no i want new they gave her the run a round its almost three weeks no new insert so no use of fire place when they really need it . They also get the run around when they call being told oh we dont handl delivery complaints or we dont handle returns etc, they have done most all there other shopping at the brick with great satisfaction, to bad they didnt that time Bad boy just wants to selllll as much as they can dosent matter how long they take or how bad a shape it arrives in guess that is why they are called Bad Boy, , , , , , up set mom

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  • Sa
      Mar 06, 2011
    Bad Boy London - AMAZING SERVICE

    I know this site is for complaints but I had an amazing experience
    Mike Pepper (store manager) and Terry made me feel welcome and I felt assured they were truly interested in what I needed. I spent over 12, oooo and everything arrived today by an amazing delivery team and I just could not be happier.
    Thank you for not only saving me money, but for making the whole experience enjoyable,

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  • Ih
      Feb 07, 2012

    I think you work for Bad Boy. There is bo way your expericene with them was that good and why would you even be checking this board if you had a great experience. You must be either Terry or Mike Pepper

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  • Me
      Jun 22, 2012

    lol I totally agree you obviously work for Bad Boy

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  • Jo
      Dec 25, 2016

    OUCH ! this is December 25th 2016, and i was going to surprise my wife with a shopping trip to Bad Boy. HOWEVER, these comments made me think twice

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