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My fiance and I saw a sale at BAD BOY and bought a washer and dryer. We needed it right away because our washer broke. We went in this weekend (Saturday) to purchase the product, and were promised that it was in stock, and delivery will be on Tuesday. Then we get a phone call on Monday from Bad Boy, and said that delivery is pushed until Thursday instead. Then we called them on Wednesday (today) to confirm for the Thursday delivery and they informed us that it was delayed again until the next Tuesday. We decided to go somewhere else TODAY, GO "THE BRICK", bought the exact same appliance, we told them our story, the predicament we were in, and they gave us a better deal than BAD BOY!! Oh, and the appliances are in stock (the warehouse) and we are getting the washer and dryer in our home the very next day. That's not a promise, that's a 100% for sure, it will be in our basement. How is that really, how awesome is that? Bottom line, don't go to BAD BOY!

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  • Da
      9th of Feb, 2010

    Couldn't agree with you more... Are fridge went on us and we went to the Bad Boy Burlington store as they had the best price . The unit we wanted was availbale but of course the sell's rep pointed us towards another unit.. same manufacturer same fridge only difference was a double bottom freezer drawer... at a better price and availble for delivery within the week. In fact we decided to buy a 54" Plasma TV as well since they matched the price we were given elswhere... So not a bad deal for us and Bad Boy... this is where the good part ends and the BS begins... Long story short..on the TV .. a week comes and goes and no fridge and no TV..they told us they were having trouble sourcing the TV because they stopped making it... we checked the internet and made one phone call and were able to locate 6 of the TV's at four different retailers.. picked the TV up the same day at 2001 Audio for the same price that Bad Boys gave we cancell the TV deal with Bad you think they are motivated to save the deal... Nope!! we warn them if they can't deleiver the fridge we will cancell it as well..Oh! we we will have to call our 'Buyer" to see where it is.. what BS.. they should have done that day one not when we call a week later looking for what should have already been delivered.!! Of course they make false promises.."we will escalate this with head office" yea like when!!! Monday... wait it has already been over a week why are you waiting to do anything Bad Boy...Of course we get told early Monday evening that the fridge won't becoming in unitl the end of the week... that makes it over twoo weeks without a fridge... so we make another internet search and a couple of phone calls and souce the frideg at Sears, Goemans, Ballisimos... and a few other retialer... now here is the best part.. we call Bad Boy back and they can't understand how this could be because they "bought them all" it's even in their monthly flyer in print.. how misleading is this BS I tell the bewildered sales rep who has no answer but to say" they are making me look like a liar... yes they are pal..
    So bottom line Bad Boy does not have the best deals.. because if you don't deleiver the product.. then even free is no deal...
    Hey Mel & Blaine... Who beats Bad Boys...EVERYBODY!!! what a joke

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  • Di
      12th of Jul, 2010

    I bought a living room set from Bad Boy a few years ago. When the delivery men came, they asked me to hold the screen door open. As they were bringing in the couch it slipped and crushed my finger, breaking the tip and splitting it open. I needed 7 stitches to close it up and it is still tender to this day. I had to call head office and they were very rude. I never got an apology. I finally had to get a lawyer as I needed to be compensated for lost time, medication, etc.
    Moral of this story, never hold a door open for delivery people and NEVER EVER SHOP AT BAD BOY!!!'
    Who's better?????ALMOST ANY BODY!!

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