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I am a police officer in wellington, new zealand dealing with a fraud complaint relating to classified rental listings on backpage. For reference, file [number removed]

The victim in this matter was defrauded over a thousand dollars. I had a look at the current listings and the suspect for the matter appears to still be listing bogus listings to defraud people.

For example:

Post id: 3765552 newzealand
Post id: 3849707 wellington

These listings have the same photos and but are different cities and are an obvious scam (Under-priced). There are many other similar listings that appear to be from the same suspect.

Can you please remove all classifieds created by this user and block her from creqting new listing.

The details I have for the suspect is

[name removed]
Email: [removed]

Also, I would like to request account details for this user.

The classified ad in relation to the matter i'm investigating was posted 21 october 2016, 7:53am (Guessing new zealand time) and titled "$170, 1 br, adorable fully furnished one bedroom apartment !"

If you can find this, are you able to provide the ip address used and pass those details?

If there is some sort of information request form I need to complete, please advise.

My contact details are:


Mar 09, 2017

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