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This is regarding an idiotic experience I had with Axisbank remittance. This is the first time I did not try to use Wire Transfer and regret my decision.

I live in the USA and, on 14th of July, 2009, I sent $5000 to a friend using Axisbank remittance, where the purpose of the transaction was
mentioned as "home maintenance".

Then on the next day, someone called me to ask who I was sending the money and how I knew her. I verified with him, telling that I have known this person for long and I may marry her next year.

After that, one week passes, and the exchange rate falls from $1 = 49.6 (approx, unless I am wrong) to Rs 48.3 (approx, on 22nd July, today) or maybe even more, and I never again hear from anyone, nor does the money gets transferred.

Today (22nd July, 2009), once again another guy called me to say that, since I wrote "home maintenance" in the box, but then I mentioned on phone a different purpose ("she is someone I know for long and I may marry her next year"), they had to verify and wait for further clearance.

For what?

They need verification and clearance for US$5000? Is it a joke? Or everyone at the Axisbank remittance lost their mind? What is happening? Am I being the butt of a joke?

They probably just wait for the $ value to fall, so that they can whore off my money, make a profit of about Rs 10, 000, and screw me in the process!

I regret having opened an account with them.

Now I came to know that it will take 3 more days for the money to be really remitted. Today is 22nd July, which means it will take 2 weeks for the money to be transferred (14th July - 27th July, at the earliest)! It would have taken less time if I had tied the money to a pigeon's legs and sent it off!


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  • La
      Mar 31, 2008


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  • Pa
      Jul 21, 2008

    dear sir,
    I had give request for cheque book from last one month, but till i have not rcvd my cheque book. without chque book i can't manage my financial pls do the concrete step on my complaint.pls try to get my chque book as early as possible.

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  • Pr
      Oct 07, 2014

    Do not use Axis bank remittance. They are terrible and has their own ways to count working days. In my case it took more than 9 days to deposit money and CS agent knows everything. At one point I told him to connect me to upper level of support he immediately told me no point because I know what he will tell you. -- Posted date 10/07/2014 - Pradip Patel

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