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mis-selling of a credit card!

I would like to share my greivences with everyone who has got a credit-card from any of the banks. I would like to give a brief description of my problem with a pathetic bank i.e. "Axis Bank". First of all, I have never applied for any credit-card from Axis bank & suddenly I received an SMS on my mobile number as a confirmation that my credit-card application has been approved and I will receive my card within few days. I tried to ring that number immediately but I could not get through.

After few days, I received a call from a courier company who wanted to confirm my residence address to deliver a packet from axis bank. I confirmed the address and could not ask anything from them regarding the same as I was in my office & was busy in doing some official work.

I opened that packet in the evening and found two cards from axis bank. One of the cards was under my name and other one was under my younger brother's name. I was little bit surprised to receive these two cards from axis bank as I had never applied for any credit card from them. I contacted them to get the proper confirmation and they told me that they did receive my application form and that's why these cards were sent to me. I also told them that nobody has done any sort of verification before the approval of my card application.

I took it lightly and thought that there is no harm to have a credit card from axis bank as I was already using so many cards from various banks. However, the first problem got start when I did not receive my card statement for the first three months. I contacted the customer service of axis bank once again to know the total outstanding and the reason for the non-delivery of my card statement.

I got amazed to know that I have been charged somewhere about Rs.3500 as a joining fee to have this card from axis bank. I explained the whole story to the customer service executive that I have been mis-led by axis bank as I was never told that there is a joining fee to have a credit-card from axis bank as no other bank charges anything for their credit card.

I have raised this complaint so many times and spent a lot of money on the phone calls made to the customer service of axis bank because they have their customer service center in Mumbai. Everytime, I was given an assurance of an amended card statement but got nowhere. Now, I am receiving threatening letters from an advocate of axis bank to pay the outstanding immediately which is ridiculous. I was quite sure that axis bank can do such kind of appalling things since their past have been too good to have faith on them. But, I want to warn them that the time has been changed and everyone is aware about the laws & orders. I am going to file a case against them in "Consumer Forum" and will realize them about their serious mistake. Thanks & regards.

  • An
    ankit Nov 10, 2008

    I am having a AXIS bank card no 4718 6101 0061 9718. I never applied for this card nor did I signed any application form. A person from Axis bank called me and said you will be getting a axis bank card which is free for lifetime card.

    When I received this card there was a catalog that u there is some annual fees on this card. At that time I got a call from Mumbai confirming whether u have received the card, I confirmed from that girl regarding annual fees and she said no you do not have to pay any fees.

    Then I got the statement in which there they have put charges on which they have put late payment fees also.
    I have already paid for the amount I have used.

    I have spoken twice to phone banking people. Once on 22nd june and asked to close the card, which has still not been done which I confirmed today.
    Also the person I spoke today cut the phone without me completing the things.

    Now the worse have happened they have put a lein on my salary account for Rs 9500 which is disgusting

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  • Ma
    Mahendiran.P.A Nov 25, 2008

    Dear sir,
    my name is mahendiran i had applied for an credit card, intially they were telling to me Gold PLus, ie pay card and i accepted that too. but when the time last enquiry i informed your staff Ms.Anitha, Chennai( CC Division)that i dont need a pay card please change that into Life time free card ie Gold card but i had received a Gold plus card i would like change into gold card or you can very well cancel my card.

    I am not happy with service u had done, please change it or cancel it

    My Mobile no is +91-9940651698



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  • Gi
    gilligan Apr 21, 2009

    I have an emergency situation where i need to get $1000 fast for my car to
    be repaired. I need the money fast but I still want to not get screwed over.
    My friend suggested an online site that he used before called
    www.instantbailout.com I looked it over and it looks ok, but I am not sure
    what is a reasonable rate for a payday loan. Is there a standard for this
    type of loan? Also does a payday loan effect your credit?

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unbearable bank

I had a terrible experience with Axis Bank Personal loans. They said they will give the loan in 4 days and...

online transactions

I want to make online transactions through axis site. When making the transactions it asking for 3 digits at the back of the debit card. But in my debit card there is no such digits.

Plzz help me out

  • Ne
    neeraj Jul 20, 2008

    i want to know ma last trasaction in ma acc. through internet.
    i dnt hav acc. id
    i cnt access cause ma debit card was lost...

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  • Sh
    shashi kumar gupta Jan 10, 2012

    MR.Sh. V Ranganathan
    Senior Vice President (Compliance



    DMRC Ltd.
    MOBILE NO 9818298586

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joining fee & annual charges

I had applied for a credit card from Axis Bank. The card was issued to me with the assurance that no joining fee and/or annual charges will be charged from me.
I made a transaction of approx. Rs. Three hundred( Rs. 300/-). But when I recieved my first statement I was surprised to discover that a sum of Rs. One thousand and Five hundred (Rs. 1500/-) was charged from me as the annual charges and joining fee. In spite of frequent telephonic complaints, the same was not waived off. Instead, late payment charges and interest has been applied. Now, my statement reflects an amount of Rs.two thousand four hundred sixty four and fifty six paise( Rs. 2464.56).
I request the concerned authorities to kindly take immidiate and proper steps to look into the matter.

Name:- Er. Pramod Kumar Tiwari
Credit Card No.:- [protected]
Valid thru: 10/10

  • Na
    Naresh Kumar Feb 28, 2008

    Axis bank credit cards repesentatives comes to our company and told us that axis bank credit cards are
    life time free cards and no charges on any petrol pump and balance transfer for six months at no charges but when I recieved the credit card and surprised after reading term and conditions that no any was matching as the representative of Axis bank had said at the time of form filling.On contacting customer care answer was that your card has joining fee of 400.00 and 2.5% sercharge on petrol. There is no transparerancy while making credit cards that repsentative says something banks replies different.So I request Bank authorities not to cheat customers by lyeing by their representatives.

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  • Bi
    biju pankajkshan May 09, 2008

    Axis bank credit cards representatives comes to me and told that axis bank credit cards are life time free, No joining free(gold cards).But i recieved gold plus card, ( actually no made any transaction) but when i recieved frist statement i was surprised because amount is 1500+taxs (annual charges and joing fee) in spite of freqent telephone compliants anybody can"t responding this time also, late payment charges and interest has been applied, my statement reflect amonnt of Rs 2247.2(due date 10-05-08)so kindly change my card or kindly take proper steps BIJU.P CREDIT CARD NO :4718610100612630 VALID THRU:1/11

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  • Ja
    jagdish bhatt Feb 22, 2010

    i have been persuaded to take a gold plus card with add on against my fixed deposit.as told that it will cost u absloutely free.initially i hesitated to purchase against the card as i have heard al sorts of problem and hidden charges.card bought in sept with auto debit facility.
    In the month of Jan 10 i made my first purchase.i got my first bill in due time but no deduction made.repeated queries from help line did not yield any response.accept that we will check and let u know.Than i approached local branch and they say u pay the amount under protest and we will refund u the penality.again i have received the next moths bill with still the amount shown as due.
    If i have auto debit facility than why deduction not made .given the human error same could have been corrected.
    so i wish to surrender the card and advise others also.
    Same may be noted by Axis bank Official

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interst & late payment charges

Dear Sir,

I am credit card holder of axis bank and Card No.[protected], i have taken credit card from this company and the Very First bill was not received by me, when i received the bill i was surprised to see that they cahrged me with late payment charges & Interest on delayed payment, when i asked the customer care they advised to pay the purchases only and they wiil consider reversal of the charges, but that was not done.

Now they taken Rs.3108, from my saving s account with out informing me,

when asked for it, they said the bill was sent through PAN CITY COURIER, Despatch No.is 255412 and the receivers mobile no [protected], which are not belonging to me.

Plz do help me in resolving the issue.

Sreenivasulu Palla

  • Pr
    P R Tendolkar Mar 03, 2008

    Your point is very true. I am also facing almost similar situation, but in-spite of several communications with Axis Bank, so far there is no change. I am also paying every month for their poor communication (Axi Bank). Don't know when they are going to improve. Till date I am just paying extra charges (late payment fees, debit interest and service charges) without even using the card.

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  • Om
    Omprakash bhati Mar 18, 2008

    Axis bank is very non-communicative bank, not good for communication. i have taken credit card from this company and the Very First bill was not received by me, when i received the bill i was surprised to see that they charged me with late payment charges & Interest on delayed payment, when i asked the customer care they advised to pay the purchases only and I paid for all purchasing. They wiil consider reversal of the charges, but that was not done, but still bill is coming to me with heavy charges.

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  • Su
    suresh May 14, 2008

    Dear sir,

    I am suresh from chennai, I have a Axis bank credit card for the last 10 months. Now i had a big trouble in your side. The problem was at the second month of the bill they put BAJAJ Alliance insurance amt was added without my knowledge then i asked to customer care they said "No problem sir u dont pay the insurance amount". But still it was not cleared, Every month they add DEBIT INTERST and LATE PAYMENT FEE for my account. I tryed several times to customer care but no RESPONSE.

    So i get a conclusion i send my card to your bank

    Suresh J
    Card No: 4718630001392215
    Mob No : 9884826087

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  • Dr
    Dr.Appalayya Jun 03, 2008

    I want to maintain a data base of Axis bank card victims and finally file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman. Please send your detailed complaint with your address, email, card no. details etc. to me.

    Dr.Appalayya Meesala
    14-107, Saktisainagar
    Mallapur, Hyderabad-76
    Email: [email protected]

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bill of already paid amount

This is Dharmendra Sharma from Indore(MP), I have already paid credit card bill on 2nd Feb 2008 by cheque (011898) with amount 11685 INR at Axis Bank Kothrud branch Pune(MH). That cheque was cleared on 7 th Feb 2008 by state bank of Travancore Navlakha branch Indore(MP) . Problem is that Axis bank stated that they didn't get the amount and they again charged me 13000 INR. I had conversation with customer care executive, he told to mail bank satement and reciept of deposited cheque. I had mailed at Customer.[protected]@axisbank.com, but i didn't get any reply. what to do now.

Dharmendra Sharma
22nd Feb 2008

  • Pr
    Praveen Kumar Godhia Feb 23, 2008

    What is the status of my credit cards application no 1224602

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  • Sa
    saleem pasha Aug 14, 2008

    dear sir/madam,

    As i SALEEM PASHA requesting you I already paid the amount of credit card. My credit card number :4718630000203942 and my name
    SALEEM PASHA. Please send the confirmations letter
    to my address.

    thanking you yours faithfully


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  • Sa
    Sagar Jun 08, 2009

    HI, My name is sagar I have paid my credit bill on October -2008 but banking person whose name is avinash and he is from collection and he based in Aruna Asaf ali marg.Delhi .He credit my money in some one else account .
    This is so pathatic and they don, t know to speat with customers .
    This is the worst experience from Axis Bank
    Because of the bank employee the bank's reputation is going sppiled.
    any way I need My money in My account that 's it

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cheated by axis bank credit card customer care


I am telling simply the problems what I faced in my case. I am not criticizing or degrading any one.
You can take it as a FEED BACK

This is Vijay Bhaskar from Hyderabad. My credit Card No: [protected]. I am facing many problems from your bank which I never faced from other banks. I have a very good credit card history and I got additional cards because of that. I can show the Proof.

I took this card in March 2007 and at that time one of your employee/Representative told me that this is a lift time free card and there are no Joining and annual charges. It was happened in UTI main branch Hyderabad. I agreed and put sign on papers. At that time I told about all my credit cards how I got (i.e. Life time free) and my utilization.

He did not tell any types of Cards and he simply told me that is Life Time Free Card. It was happened to my colleagues for 4 people. They already canceled in August. I did not cancel because i got a call from UTI bank people who spoke to me from Delhi /Mumbai

Later I got the bill of 1600 rupees from UTI bank for annual and joining fee charges. There I was cheated first time from your bank representative. Later I called to UTI customer care and asked about these charges. Later I got a call form Delhi customer care people, I clearly explained my problem and requested them to cancel the card. They told me reversal the amount of all those. And told me to pay the amount of purchases and need not to pay the Joining and penalty fee. That’s not yet happened.

I said ok and I did some purchases with that card. And paid all those amounts of purchases (Except the additional Fee’s and penalties), you can verify. I did not pay the amounts of annual Fee and Joining Fee and the penalties on that amount since taken the card.

now the amount is 5748.(Rs.1500 anual and joining fee + Rs.4248 penalties for Rs.1500.). the total amount is not my ussage.i paied my total ussage. pleasse think about how i am responsble to pay this 5748.i requested you to cancle my card on April/ May , the bank people told me to continue and reverse the amount and they did not solve the issue .In Nov/ Dec on employee named Shradha from delhi called me and requested to pay 200 to solve this issue. you can verify the record how many time i called and put a request to solve the issue.How i am responsable to pay the penalties and all if Axis bank people did the late .

Now I am going to Consumers forum to file a case if my problem is not going to solve. I called many times and asked them to solve this problem’s. I have the Proofs. Including me we are 5 people. It was not yet solved and you are adding penalties to the annual and joining fee amounts.

The Services of your bank is very poor. (You can check with other banks)- It’s what I feel in my experience only.

These are no proper Mobile alert and Statement.

If we call to Customer Care the phone is ringing but it will not reach the IVRS Voice system

By Luck if it reaches to Voice System it will not reach the Customer care Employee. It is telling like you will reach in 8 minutes.
After that again it will tell 8 minutes. Or 3 minutes and 3 minutes.

If we reach the customer care employee and ask about our details some times they are telling the system is slow call after one hour (it was happened one time in my case.)

If we reach and explained our problem to customer care employees, they put a request to above authority people. Later we never get any call or solution from higher authority people and it will continue month by month. The same is happening now in my case.

These are the problems which I faced. It may not happen in others case. But it’s TRUE in my case.

We have an OMBUDSMAN cell in Hyderabad .they also giving support regarding the credit card problems. We will approach that also.

The main reason I wrote the mail is I don’t want to spoil my credit history in Banks. It should not happen to any customer in feature.

  • Mu
    mukesh avaiya Apr 27, 2008

    i want to about that how can joint whith net banking facility for credit card

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  • Dr
    Dr.Appalayya Jun 03, 2008

    I had similar problem with AXIS bank. Let us get united and fight out this bank to its last.

    Please send your address, emaill and phone to:

    [email protected]
    phone: 0-9848514011

    Dr.Appalayya Meesala
    14-107, Saktisainagar,

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  • Ra
    Ravi sharma Jul 28, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    I Ravi Sharma are using a credit card of your bank since 12/07 and the card no is 4718 6100 0086 9736. After some time when I was using my card frequently I have some Rewards Points on my cards approx.1350. On 4th of April a First request was given by me to the customer care for redeem 1100points from my card. They taken a request from me but I not received my gift voucher. After 20 days. Then after some time I again call the customer care but the same kind of response I received from cc. after past 2months when I call the customer care they told me that your voucher is received by you. But dear sir I still not received any kind of Voucher from your bank side, so only that’s why I am sending you that mail. I hope that I will receive a quick response from your side.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ravi Sharma

    Territory Manager - Sales


    Transpole Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
    A-173 Road No. 4 Street No. 10
    Mahipalpur Extn.
    New Delhi - 110037

    Ph : +91 11 26783782/83/84/85/86
    Fax : + 91 11 26783787
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: t-logisticsindia.in



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  • Ka
    K Arvind Babu Sep 12, 2008

    I too faced exactly the same problem which
    Mr.Vijay Bhaskar has posted.

    my cc no.4718630003301925
    addon cc no.4718630000487909

    K Arvind Babu.

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  • Pr
    prasadgopathi Feb 13, 2009


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  • Pu
    purna Mar 24, 2009

    I (Purna) faced the similar problem, this bank will not have the faith and gratitude, its waste of time to continue communication with this bank. Now i decided to withdraw my account in this bank.

    Actually i want to pay my credit credit ammount, due to some reason it was delayed, without intimating any thing they locked my total savings account of axis bank. Its not right thing? i don't who given the rights to them. first of all they have to intimate me if they lock the bank account so that we will do necessary steps. Because of this i faced a lot of problems, even single rupee is not their in my hand.

    they will not taking care of customer satisfaction
    I will file case against them in banking ambudsement
    So lastly i want feight against this bllaaa bllaaa bank


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credit card problems

Sir, My name is nagaraju One of credit card holder of axisbank ,past two months i m facing no of problems with the Axis bank credit card pesrones, i m using the Axis bank credit card from the month of Apl-2007,from tht day onwords they never send any statements to me aby my purchase,suddenly they are lien my ACC in the month of No-2007 at tht time my payment amt was 19128 rupees tht amt i padi after my due date i mean Dec-27-2007, after tht payment they had released my ACC, again they were lien my ACC undera the money 22161 rupees, it states tht they are recieving my 19k payment and agian they were lien my acc with full payment amt, but i already pais 19+ in tht 22+ amt,so finally i went to AXIS bank credit card deivision people Mr.Vignesh(Mount Road branch,Chennai) i told my fulll problem to him on 02-01-2008, he was checked my Credit card status and told me like no pronlem sir we were releasing it my tomorow i,e 03-01-2008, so based on vignesh i returned and after 1 day i checked my Savings ACC status it still remains same then again i made no of calls to him but no use i didnt picked my call final he picked my call on 04-01-2008 and simply told me like sir i worked it out ur ACC status changed on 05-01-2008 only so this is problem pls dont make any calls to me from here onwords he told like tht,but before tht i told him my problem like sir each and every month 3 cheques are come for clearence so if my ACC status is same these cheque ll got bounce already with lien last my 2 cheques got bounced so plss at least this month i need to save my cheque bonuce so plss help me out like th, but still the is no change in my ACC, it leads my 2 cheques are bounced on 05-01-2008,and again today my 1 cheque will bounce,really sir ur people are not doing work properly, no of times i had begged him plss change my ACC status and help me out but no use,i hope atleast these complaint will help me out....

Axis bank Credit Card NO:[protected]

  • Gi
    GIBI BABU VARGHESE Jan 11, 2008


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  • Ma
    MADHUSUDHAN RAO M Feb 19, 2008

    Hi, My Name is Madhusudhan Rao M. I have applied for AXIS Bank Credit Card. I have also received the Reference Code No.918372. Till date I have not received the Credit Card. Address verification is done. Pls let me know my status as soon as possible.

    Madhusudhan Rao. M

    pHONE- 9341188311
    OFFICE - 411897300/EXT-739

    55 days ago by Madhusudhan Rao M [send email]
    Hi, My Name is Madhusudhan Rao M. I have applied for AXIS Bank Credit Card. I have also received the Reference Code No.918372. Till date I have not received the Credit Card. Pls let me know my status as soon as possible.

    Madhusudhan Rao. M

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  • Ab
    Abdul Muzakir Feb 21, 2008

    I am Abdul, I got a call from ur executive for a lifetime FREE credit card with several benefits, i thought let me apply for it and submitted my documents and got the credit card after 6 months but the issue is that i have been charged for the credit card an amount of Rs.432. why should i pay when i was told it's a lifetime FREE credit card..? Immediately i called customer care, after trying for nearly 30 mins a customer care executive received the call, he gave me a Request No. and informed me a higher authority will get back to me within 7days but there is no response till now it's already 1month. 15days earlier i called up customer care again he gave me a another Req No. and he told its in HIGH PRIORITY now and for sure a higher executive will be get back to me but again nobody called me yet(already 10 days) and i got a message to pay an amount of Rs.730. Atlast i called a customer care again but nobody is receiving the call from past 1hour, I am so bugged up with this that i decided to complaint. I have HSBC, ICICI, SBI credit cards but never faced any such kind of problem. Its the worst customer service ever seen. why dont you think about customer satisfaction..? I have an account in AXIS BANK and I am totally satisfied but why dont you provide same kind of service for Credit card division. I hope atleast you read this and in response call me to speak regarding this issue or atleast mail me to my email id -- [email protected]

    Would be happy if you get back but no hopes of your response.

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  • Mr
    MrinalKanti Ghosh Jan 10, 2009

    My name is Smt. Debjani Ghosh W/o Sri Mrinal Kanti Ghosh my ATM Card number is 4215394910001619 is smart privilege card valid to 12/08 to 12/18. This account was opened in Bankura Branch, West Bengal. I journey is Hyderabad the purpose of NIRG Trainning Centre . I have no money, I forget its password, please provide it on myn email ID . Thanks

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renuval of debit/atm card

i have axis bank [UTI BANK]dabit card,cum ATM card & Saving bank A/c in axis bank ,Ashok marg,Jaipur branch. validity of my card is being expired in Jan/2008,i have riminded many times toissue new card, but upto today i havn't received
kindly take n/a.
my S/B account no. [protected]

  • Ch
    Chandana Chakrabarti Jul 09, 2008

    My husband, Mr. Subhas Chakraborty, holds a Priority account in Axis Bank, Kankurgachi Brach, Kolkata (Customer ID :017021164). He has a debit card (Card no. 4688 0501 7005 9923) which has expired on 06/08. He is yet to hear from you about renewal of his card. Please treat this as urgent and issue a new card which he can immediately operate.

    In this card, no nomination was registered. Is it now possible to include a nominee?

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  • Ra
    rajiv babre Mar 12, 2009

    i have axis bank [UTI BANK]dabit card, cum ATM card & Saving bank a/c in axis bank . My card will expired on 31 march 09
    What is to be done to renew the card

    My email id is [email protected]

    Thanking you
    Rajiv babre

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Gola Sep 20, 2012

    i have axis bank [UTI BANK]dabit card, cum ATM card & Saving bank a/c in axis bank . My card will expired on 12 Dec 2012 ( My Account No 066010100081980 ) ( My Card No 4902540660016839 ) My Axis bank Branch A-11, Vishal Enclave Opp Rajouri garden Delhi
    What is to be done to renew the card

    My email id is [email protected]

    Thanking you
    Mukesh gola

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issue of credit card based on forged documents

It is to inform that Axis Bank Credit Cards has issued a Credit Card in my name without applying nfor the same, perhaps based on forged documents. Nearly one month back I had submitted documents for issue of SBI credit card at SBI, Gopalnagar Branch, Nagpur. It seems different bank agents/executives have a syndicate to get details of customers because immediately after submission of documents at SBI, I started getting calls from HSBC, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank about credit cards. Inspite of my refusal, they continued calling me. Nearly 25 days back one fellow came to my residence during day time and started asking about my details to my wife. On enquiry he told that he is from AXIS Bank and generating details for credit card. When intimated that we have not applied for the same, the imposee told that he is doing his duties.
Now 2 days back somebody called to our place and asked to collect the credit card. Once again my wife informed that we have not applied so there is no question of collecting card. Today the PIN has also arrived.
On enquiry to the number from our caller ID we came to know that call was from BLUE DART Currier service and they informed that we generally deliver mails at residence but may be some fault by their employee to behaved like that. Anyway they requested us to contact AXIS BANK for this matter.
After contacting local branch of Axis bank credit cards at Nagpur their executives told us that this type of activity sometime does happen due to target pressure. Anyway we should contact their call centre to get blocked the undelivered card from any sort of misuse.
See what a nobel idea to complete the targets using forged documents by making syndicate of agents of different bank?
Through your medium we are bringing it to the notice of general public and AXIS BANK officials about frauds and unfair trade practice. Also warn Axis Bank about serious consequences, in case of any fradulent withdrawl or purchase using undelivered card.

  • Su
    subhash akhade Mar 21, 2008

    i got the credit card but do not having internet ID & password

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  • Ra
    Raghunath Babu.M May 22, 2008


    I have applied the AXIS bank credit card. Application #4575159.
    Enquiry is also done successfully. Few days back someone came to my room to delivery that credit card but I am at office at that time due to that unable to receive that credit card till now.
    Recently I lost my Mobile, so, I don't have the communication also. So, Please let me know Status whether card is issued or canceled or not.
    Below Contact details
    My contact No: 9962364642.
    email ID: [email protected]

    Raghunath Babu. Motamarri

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  • Dr
    Dr.Appalayya Jun 03, 2008

    You will be walking into the jaws of cheating and trouble if you use Axis bank card.

    Be careful and don't use.

    I am maintaining a data base of Axis bank victims. Please send your details to me:

    Dr.Appalayya Meesala
    14-107, Saktisainagar, Mallapur
    email: [email protected]
    phone: o-98485140121

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  • Ji

    I M Jitendra Kumar Singh From Orissa Cuttack, Here at AXIS bank branch I have applied for axis bank credit card, one person named Mr manoranjan Tripathy came and equired about my business and residence and after enquiry he asked me to pay him some money for their pocket kharcha, but i have not paid him bcs i have every thing legal documents so why should i pay to some one whom i dont know he may be fi of axis bank, and after 10days i came to know that my credit card application was declined, when i asked the customer care why my application was declined they told me that it is our bank policy that we will not be able to say you the reason pls tell me what can i do regarding this my credit card application Ref.No. was 1524936.

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  • Vr
    VR Rajesh Aug 31, 2009

    I have applied for a Axis Bank credit card 2 years ago and after few months the local representative told me that your card request was declined(Reason unanswered). Then i applied to ICICI & HDFC which i recieved sooon. After six months of this incident i started receiving e-statements which i could not open also because it is password protected and password is the card number which i don't have. I called up call centre & informed the same on which they said we would come back to u. Again, collection department started calling me which made me surprised where else i again told them the story but they didnt understood.

    After that I have called customer service many times but they are not at all responding and putting blame on other department. Also, i went up to the local office but they were not with an adequate answers, then for six months they stopped calling me & i thought that there must be some mistake which have been resolved. Now on friday a letter from Lok Adalat was recieved against me for the non payment of credit card or else action will be taken against me. How could i pay for the card which i hvae never recieved.

    Its a due request from my side that pls check up at ur end & resolve the same, as i have been transferred i am not in the Jamshedpur too... hope to hear from u soon over mail

    Thanks & Regards,
    V R Rajesh

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credit card reissuance

Dear Sir

I was holding your creit card. During the time of application I was not informed for any type of annual Fee. When i recieved my 1st statment, I had been charged a sum of Rs. 1600/- as Annual Fee. I contacted your Customer care Centre. I am already holding Credit Cards of different bank, but I had never been charged any fee from any bank. I requested to waive the same, but I was informed that waiver is not possible. Till the time i rrecived another statement including penality charges and late payment fee. Onece again I contacted your Customer care Centre and again I was replied that no waiver will be given even in late payment charges and penality. I have been reularly being followed for the payment of full amount. Finally I contacted your Ahmedabad Office and I was informed that if I pay minimum amount of Rs. 1600/- further request for waiver will send and card will be Re Issued to me. I have paid Rs. 1600/- in your Ahmedabad main branch 31/12/07. After depositing the amount I contacted to your Customer care Centre. I was informed that now Card can not be issued as it has been already cancelled.

I would like to inform you that I had no intention to not to pay my outstanding. I had made some transaction before receiving statment and I had paid the same. There was no principal outstanding in my card. As I am paying your annual Fee and the balance amount after waiver. I would like to use my card. I am having Credit Cards of other banks also and there is outstanding or any problem with these Credit cards.

I would like to request to Re Issue my Card and waive my late payment charges and penality.

Thanks Regards

Ved Prakash
Card No:[protected]
Mobile No. [protected]

  • Sa
    sanjay Apr 15, 2008

    i saw some of the complaints of AXIS bank credit cards services on the website and wish to share my experience too. It is infact most horrible service one will ever see in current market scenario. These giys promise you CC within 2 weeks and after that never turn up. It seems that the staff there is underoging some sort of training to learn how to operate CC services. Most of them dont know whats going on - probably they have to lean from SBI cards which inspite of being largest network have the best customer care and after sales services.

    If you wish to apply for CC, choose any other bank except AXIS BANK.

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  • 100 percent fraud

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  • Sa
    sanjay m prabhu Jul 13, 2010

    Lot of frauds are happening at Axis Bank. Auditors are themselves involved in the Frauds. They want to loot the customer and make money. Please click on the below link if you want to see Axis Bank Ex Staff comments and stop banking with Axis

    Our SBI is great... bankers to the nation.




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wrong statements and false information of credit card

at the time of collecting the documents and at the time of verification I had been told no joing fee and annual fee for axis bank crdit card. After recieving the credit card i did not recive statement for 3 months. Requesting several times i recieved statement after 3 months. All the 3 statements which were totally wrong and they have charged joining fee with latepayment chargeds and finance charges.

I called customer care told regarding joining fee, i got a call from AXIS bank saying all the carges for 3 months will be reverted. after that I recieved 2 statements nothing is reverted.

  • Pa
    Parth Premkumar Roy Apr 28, 2008

    I am Parth Roy...I have not received the card statement for last 3 months, i have already send a written application for e-statement one month ago and talking with customer care executive but no response from bank.Customer care executive talking with me as a worng way... Whenever I called the Customer Care, nobody respond except the computerized voice recorder. Bank's Customer Care Service is worst, worst, worst, worst !!!

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  • La
    lakshamma May 05, 2008

    I have not recieved my statements from last 2 months when phoned to customer care its been worsst hence i kindly request you the procedure of surrendering the card may intimated

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  • As
    Ashok S Yadav May 11, 2008

    i m using your banks creditcard on the time of form filling your exicutive tells me it didnt have any annual fee but the statement which comes in my hand it all were added my card no is 4718 6301 0013 9319 sir i m settled my account and fill up all charges i want to surrender your card so please do it fast and i dont want to use any other servise in place of it wii you want to contect me so you contact me on my mob- 9323252548

    0 Votes
  • Na
    NAGENDRA May 20, 2008

    i have applied for a carloan, verfication and other process is completed, till today (after 20 days ) there was no respone from the bank side. i have contacted the customer care they have given the following numbers for follow up i.e 66330946/947/948. i was tried continuosely for two hours, nobody was lifting the phone eventhough it was telling some times busy. i cannot understand whether it is a governament office or public service bank. my sincere advice is if the bank is not able to provide the customer service, plz dont offer such type of loand and all.

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  • Vi
    Vipin Bansal May 30, 2008

    I am operating two accounts of Axis Bank and have found wrost service in my life. I am trying to see m online balance on the iBanking and it show your online transactions are not available...tried their 24x7 number...it did reach...

    what all this ### the Axis Bank has...right now I am in New York...they dont have any international calling number...theri customer executive does not respond...

    now it has become irrtating...oh what a thrid class banking I have got...

    Axis Bank...the wrost, wrost, wrost Service, , , , , , , , ,

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  • Mr
    M RAMAKRISHNA RAO Jul 07, 2008

    Date: 07/07/08.

    The Branch manager,
    Axis Bank,
    Dwaraka Nagar.

    Sub: Account frozen -Reg.


    I have Axis Bank Account for the last three months. With the following particulars.

    My Account No. 369010100181051


    Rs. 50, 000/-(Fifty Thousand rupees) has been transferred from my account on 02/07/08 with out my notice. When I was contacted to bank officials on today(07/07/080, they have declared that my account has frozen. How is thjis transaction was happened without my notice?

    When should my account unfreeze?

    Thanks & Regards,
    M. Rama Krishna Rao

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lost all my money!

I am having an Saving Account with the axis bank- Surat Br. I had deposited a DD of axis bank only from other location.
same DD was not credited to my account after a long period of 15 days. When I asked for the matter Baroda Br. Manager ( Anish) and Surat Br. Manager Mr. Himanshu said your DD has lesser value so forget the matter, we can't help you and said contact directly to Baroda Br. as I deposited the same from Baroda office. I had lost my time, money and gained only the mentally harassment.

It's MNC bank, but the treatment to customer at the beginning and after being the customer is worst...

closing of my old account

My name is kavya.I have opened an savings account at Vijayawada one and half year ago. Now i have reached my native (Kakinada). Here i opened a new account at AXIS bank itself.The problem is that i have sent a letter 4 months ago to Vijayawada's Branch Manager to close my account at Vijayawada and transfer all my proceedings to my new account at Kakinada.I have Enclosed my Debit card, Cheque book along with that letter.But i have found no response.
My Vijayawada account No.:[protected]
my Kakinada account No.:[protected]

  • Jv
    jvinayakabhushanam Dec 19, 2007




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  • Sp
    spurgeon mv Jan 29, 2008

    I have account at Kakinada Axis bank -how do I get IFSC code to complete the process of opening a paypal account.

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  • Ve
    venkata subbaiah Oct 20, 2008

    respected sir,

    i want to open one Paypal account for my day-to-day money transations. please leave me a mail how i could i proceed.

    thank you

    venkata subbaiah

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card not received

I am Pankaj Mudholkar, applied for Axis Bank Gold Credit Card one month back. I received my application reference number. Verification is also over. The executive told me, that I will receive my credit card withinn 10 days, but still I had not received it. The details are as under,

MOBILE NO.: [protected]

Pankaj Mudholkar

  • Su
    sunil kesharnath jains Dec 05, 2007

    I am sunil jain,appiled forAXISBANK credit card two month back.I received my application reference num ber.but credit card not received


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  • Sa
    sahil Dec 21, 2007

    dear sir

    i have not revceived from axis bank regarding my new account in axis bank as they send the bank summary or details but not sending my new kit as usually a bank give to new customer

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  • Bs
    B.Sunil Kumar Jan 06, 2008


    Iam Sunil kumar.Bolisetty.Two months back i have applied for credit card in card-to-card process.but only 20 days back i got a message saying that card is issued&given some number for reference.But on the same day i met with an accident& lost my mobile.So i missed that reference number now.

    I dont know what had happened to that card,whether issued or not.Can you please help me out to know what had happened to that.If you need any details in order to tell me the details,please feel free to call me on 9866505955 in any time.please do help me in this matter.

    B.Sunil Kumar.

    0 Votes
  • Su
    SUJITH.S Oct 09, 2008

    I had got my Account number, i Connect Password, Telebanking Pin, Debit Card. But I didn’t get my ATM Password. I had forward my complaint to pattom Axis bank before two months. At that time, I had applied a new form for ATM Password and a cheque book. At this time ( 24-09-2008 ), I didn’t get any information’s from pattom branch. So you please make do immediate action soon.

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  • Su
    SUJITH.S Oct 09, 2008


    I had got my Account number, i Connect Password, Telebanking Pin, Debit Card. But I didn’t get my ATM Password. I had forward my complaint to pattom Axis bank before two months. At that time, I had applied a new form for ATM Password and a cheque book. At this time ( 24-09-2008 ), I didn’t get any information’s from pattom branch. So you please make do immediate action soon.

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card & service not recd!

Customer care is in no mood to talk to me after 4 months of application submission moreover my card i...

about the customercare service

I have applied for an credit card 3 months before recently they apdated the application even though enquiry is going on a am not abl to get the correct status of the process i have received the reff number .now when i try to call the customer care no: which in in TVM its takes long time to get the executive online its really a bad customer service

  • Sh
    shaik cahnd basha Mar 10, 2008

    At the time of collecting the documents and at the time of verification I had been told no joining fee and annual fee for axis bank credit card. After receiving the credit card I did not receive any statement... I received SMS after 2 months as “'credit card got outstanding amount
    But I haven’t used my card anywhere. I called Hyderabad AXIS Phone banking customer care (23418888) to find the reason. The Phone banking customer care automatic system provided the transaction details like the card is not free card.
    I got surprised .because I didn’t done any transaction. I called to AXIS bank customer care executive and I explained the transaction details which I got form the phone banking system to know reason why.
    He told that my credit card was not applied for free life time card criteria. He asked me that 'from where you got the transaction details’; I answered 'from sms I got outstanding amount and from phone banking system I got detailed transaction'. He suddenly told that you are liar. I asked why you are saying like this. He told me 'I don’t want to argue with me and you are not saying truth'.

    I told him that “I will complaint in Consumer Forum on your bank”. He replied me that “what ever you can do you can do…”

    Am really fed up with axis bank. This is my first experience with any bank in India.

    Time waste Bank ... worst service....Bad behavior.

    0 Votes
  • Sr

    I have taken personal loan form Axis bank in july-2007, Hyderabad-India.I am paying 6123/- from HDFC bank Savings Account 05451140009110, HITEC CITY on evry month in between dates 5-7.But i don't know the personal loan account number. I don't know what is the end period to complete my personal loan.Can you please send me the loan account numbaer, loan statement details and Branch details which branch provided personal loan to me.

    Some of my details
    My name: Srinivasa Rao Gogineni
    I have savings account in Axis bank: my customer id:008078160
    I already complete one personal loan of 200, 000(loan account:245010600018054)

    I need the details of second personal loan account details
    Amount:225, 000(i think, not sure)
    Paying the Instalment:6123/-


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  • Ve
    vemula parushuram Jul 02, 2010

    my name is vemula parshuram I hav withdrawn rs 4500 frm atm id s1ac02718 secundrabad but i canot recieve yhe cash in atm and i wait for1 hr there so many customers are collect the cash from atm and if i try the next time his showing the anount will be transaction so do somthing.my card number is8965 expiry date 0320 kindly get back to me. my email id is [email protected]

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non issue of credit card statements!

I have been using Axis Bank Credit Card since July 2007 and till date they have not send the account...

never go for this axis bank credit card!

I had applied for a credit card. I was not at all interested in taking a credit card however the agent who...

bank's customer care service is worst!

I have not received the card statement for last 2 months, i have already send a written application for...

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