Avon Of Michigan / broken items delivered to me

Flint, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8106104239

I always purchased products from avon and have not had any problems untill avon gave me a coustomer service rep. I went through the rep and ordered a teapot from avon and it was delivered to me broken.. This was auguest of 2010. It is now july of 2011. I am still trying to send the teapot back.. Every rep I have went through to return the broken teapot has quit because of some reason or another and my teapot is always returned back to.. After several calls to avon, the only thing that they will do is give me paperwork to tell me that I have to pay again to have the merchendice returned back to them.. Now I have to pay shipping and handeling again to send them the broken merchendice back to them that they gave me broken to beging with.. I have always love avon products but this takes the cake.. They said that they would give me my s&h back for the return but nothing else for the hassel of almost a year now and trying to return the broken merchendice back to them that was given to me broken to begin with... ... I do not trust them any more for the weak salesmenship that has been taken in the return policy... They offer nothing for the hassel of what they are putting me through and to have to pay twice for s&h. Is rediclious...


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