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I have been purchasing avon products from someone who is not refunding the money back to me for an anew product that did not go well with my skin. He keeps making excuses that it takes a while for it to be credited to his account, which I know is a lie. The same time you put in for your next order, you also put in for the return, which is then credited back to your account, on the next order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fresno, CA Well it has been over 4 weeks and I am still being brushed off by this guy.

Who can I contact to report him? How do I get the money back from avon, who has this "money back guarantee"???

The city he lives in is fresno, california. If anyone can please help me by giving me some kind of suggestion?? I try calling the avon office and no one ever answers the telephone. No one has ever called me back after all the messages i've left.

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  • Ja
      Sep 11, 2008

    This guy is a loser and a fraud. I am a rep and I give refunds all the time. But usually people just want credit for other products. I would try to find a better number for Avon. I'll try to find one for you.

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  • Mi
      Sep 12, 2008

    I really appreciate it. Thank you. People like him make Avon look bad. This whole ordeal is just frustrating. I would love to just get my $$ back and be done with him.

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  • Yo
      Feb 12, 2009

    Have you resolved this issue? If not, I will get an email / contact number for you.

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  • Ma
      Jul 24, 2009

    Actually, not everyone gets instant credit for returned items. Some reps have to wait for Avon to receive and process the return, which takes up to six weeks. (I find it takes 2-3 weeks.)

    I keep getting put on temporary suspension (they suspend you if you wait to accumulate a box full of returns before shipping them back, and some of the credit requests are aging as a result.) So last time I returned a small batch just to get 'released' and it cost me $6 to ship a very small package (vs. $7-9 for a large one.)

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  • Cc
      Jul 31, 2009

    If the rep will will not refund your money, you need to call Avon directly. Customer Service will take all your information and then a supervisor will contact you about the return.
    Reps DO NOT have to accept returns, they are independent sale people, and that is their choice.
    Avon is the one with the "money back guarantee".

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  • Ut
      May 15, 2010

    Thank you for that customer service number. I did not realise that the reps do not have to accept any returns. I've been an Avon customer for more than 35 years and had always been offered samples and the chance to return any items, but not from my current rep. She claims samples are no longer offered, but I checked on line and Avon still has the "try befor you buy" advertised, and now she is ignoring me when I need to return something. What gives? I guess I have to change reps or stop buying Avon.

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  • Ti
      Aug 30, 2010

    I'm sorry that you guys had unpleasant experiences, but at the same time many people don't realize how much an Avon rep. has to pay for out of pocket. It really makes you ask yourself if it's even worth it to be a rep. Reps have to pay for those samples that you ask him/her for, as well as the brochures, a $7 late charge for orders submitted after the deadline, various sales tools, and for returning unwanted items back to Avon. I'm sure every Avon rep has at least one story about a customer who ordered a crapload of stuff and then never paid for it, leaving the rep with the choice of either 1) trying to sell all the items to others or 2) having to pay to have it all shipped back to Avon. When you take all those things into consideration, in addition to earning only 20/30% on items, it's hardly worth it. I quit recently, but I am glad that there are reps out there making a great living as a rep. :)

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  • Av
      Dec 21, 2016

    @Tikeya now you have to pay for your order up front unless you have a good credit line and that good, get the money up front before the order goes in. a rep shouldn't get stuck with products some one has order if they pay for it up front, then they get . cant back out. or they lose there money . as a rep my self i only pay for what i order for me . and i always give out sample i want them to try it like it an order it. so what i pay for in sample and full products i make that back buy them ordering it. i haven't had any refunds yet. . if someone order something and it dont come in. because they were out. i just ask them if they want to order something else or i will give then a discount on the next order .off..

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  • No
      Mar 13, 2011

    Dont let one bad experience with a bad rep get to you. Try and look for someone new in your area. You can even order it from a rep thatis not near you online and pay by credit card and it can be shipped right to your door for you. I hope you can find a good rep that understands what samples do to help there business. Me being a rep I want samples to try alsoso I can tell my customers about the product. It I have my own full products I will take it over to the customerand show them directly.

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  • Ma
      May 17, 2017

    I'm having a similar problem in the UK, my Rep owes me 18 pound for goods returned and never got a replacement! Rang Avon and they wasn't interested, told me it's between me and Rep, still waiting for money back since March! Annoying😠

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