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shortages on returns

I too started avon thinking that I could make money. What a mistake!! I would not wish this nightmare I have had with them on my worst enemy.

I had my account frozen for returns after pieces came up missing (Shortgages) even though I had returned the items they told me unless I could prove it I had to pay for them.

So on my last returned box of $162.84 worth of merchandise, I placed sticky notes with the item description, rma #, and price on each one, took individual pictures, took group pictures of the items in the avon box then sealed it shut with tons of tape and all paperwork inside. Well when avon received it, they now claim that $110.49 worth of the merchandise was not in there. I promptly filed a ups claim, called the customer service phone number (Like india can help do anything for us) and called my district sales manager twice that day to let her know what's going on. Well it is currently 2 days later, no return call at all from my dsm, avon now shows those items as outstanding and india customer service told me there is nothing more I can do for over 6 weeks as I am not approved for instant credit. My bill is current, I am currently an e-rep and after reading thing, have decided that I can no longer afford this avon "business". The company has routinely shown "shortages" on my returns even though all the items were sent back. They treat me like I lie for a living and when I tell them I have pictures of the items they get panic stricken on the phone and customer service told me they were there but I would have to wait 6 weeks for them to "process through"!! Yea just one more joke. My next call is going to the attorney general of texas because these kind of fraudulent business practices need to be put to an end somehow someway!!

If you have had similar problems, contact the attorney general of your state and file a complaint. Since it most of the products cross state lines, we can complain to the attorney general of the united states as well.

I have tried to call hq in new york but can't seem to get past the automated system there. But I won't stop trying,

A soon to be ex-rep,


  • Ba
    Barbara May 12, 2009

    I had the same problem i returned the items and was told they never got them, and now they want be to pay them back.

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  • Ma
    MAR3 May 27, 2009

    You have to be so careful doing returns. One little error, and they will claim they didn't get your stuff. If you an Avon rep and planning a return after reading this post, please go through the online tutorial (under the training tab) for using EZ Returns. Then when you are using EZ Returns, complete the forms for only one box at a time. That is, once your box is full, complete the EZ returns, print your label, print your packing slip, and print duplicates for your records. Have a witness sign your packing slip after verifying the contents of the box. Then follow the same instructions for more boxes. Print each shipping label and ship each box on a different date so Avon cannot claim confusion. (In fact, I would log off my account completely after the first box was complete), then wait a day or two to start the next box.

    Sounds complicated? It IS complicated. You do one little thing wrong, like forget the packing slip, and you are [email protected]! So be careful, follow the instructions to the letter, don't ship mulitple boxes on the same day, and -- Good Luck!

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  • Ma
    MAR3 May 27, 2009

    For jjsilliman, may I recommend

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  • Ma
    MAR3 Jul 22, 2009

    Just got out of a returns suspension. I shipped a return back to Avon and it bounced right back to me with no explanation. I figured it out why on my own (as with all things Avon related). The labels they send with your invoices are not the prepaid labels, so you have to go back to EZ Returns to generate the label. Unless you want to set your own price in case they are overcharging you for return shipping. (Which, in many cases, I'm sure they are, but you won't know because they don't tell you how much they are charging you in advance of you generating the label.)

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  • De
    Deborah Severns Feb 27, 2010

    I am having huge problems with Avon. I returned items and they claim they were never located even though I have all the tracking information in writing and they have backcharged my account. It happened two years ago and after it finally getting straightened out, they basically told me I was fired.

    They won't even talk with me and now apparently this investigation is in the Legal Department. I am not going to give up on this. I will be contacting the Wisconsin Attorney General if necessary.

    Thanks for your information.

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return policy

I was a avon representative for 5 years as well as a customer.
I recently placed an order on their website for a pair
Of tennis shoes. I ordered exactly according to their fitting specifications
Regarding half sizes which is what I wear and the shoes didn't fit. I dreaded
That because I knew I had to send them back. They have no good way of
Doing that, they don't send you a return shipping label like some online
Stores do. They also sent me a new book with an item that I just ordered
Cheaper and then wouldn't honor the cheaper price for me. They would
Rather make the customer mad over $5.


I have been buying avon products for over 25 years. I recently tried the elixir and the anti ageing moisturizer. I purchased the elixir for 3 months and one bottle of moisturizer. I spent 186.00 on this. (One bottle of elixir was on sale for 10.00 less) I figured I would use the elixir for 3 months and that should give me enough time to see what it would do. Well it didnt do anything they said it would. I called my rep (And she is a great person) and told her I wanted my money back. I had one jar of elixir and jar of moisturizer. I didnt keep the other two empties but she knows I purchased them. She called the higher ups and they refused to give me the money, except for one on sale jar of elixir for 44.00 which my avon lady gave me so I wouldnt have to wait for it. She said she had to argue to get that and I believe her. I am mad, that is not what the guarantee says and thats a lot of money for garbage that doesnt work. I dont know what else to do. I have tried to contact avon, sent many emails and have never received a response. I would like to know who else to contact and how to make sure that avon has to do something. My rep is not responsible for this, I have dealt with her for a long time and she cant do anything else. I want to do something to stop them from being able to get away with this and I dont know how. Please if anyone has a suggestion or other contact info I would appreciate hearing from you. There has to be a way to get something accomplished. I would like to know if there are other places I can report their fradulent behavior. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Ra
    rachel watson Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I was just reading your compalint. Avon should give all the money back to you . As a avon rep myself I have spent many days on the phone to avon themselfs compalining that my customers are unhappy with there produts and I have never had any problems with them getting there money back.
    Ask your avon rep to give you the name and phone number of her area manager to try to sort this problem as this a lot of money to ignore.

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  • Ma
    MAR3 May 27, 2009

    Because some customers are treating Avon like they have a bottom-of-the-jar guarantee, reps are now running into problems where Avon won't give them their money back for an empty jar. This is unusual because more often or not, I have read that Avon will do it, but that your upline will encourage you to get rid of the customer because they could get you on No Instant Credit status, and you will continue losing earned commissions on them. It normally only takes 3 days to 4 weeks to see if a product is working. I would use this rule of thumb in the future to avoid problems. Hope this helps.

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  • An
    anonimous Jul 09, 2009

    I had purchased a travel bag from Avon and when the rep handed me the bad i looked it over and realized that is was way smaller than anticipated and very poorly made. I told the Avon rep that i wanted to return it and she said i would have to still pay for it and hold onto it until the next order because she has to pay for the item upfront therefore i would have to wait to get my money back when Avon gives her the credit back. That could be 2 weeks. So i have to pay for an item that i don't want and now i have to wait up to 2 weeks to return it. That is the worst policy i have ever heard of. If i don't like the item i should have just been able to hand it right back to her and only pay for the items i chose to keep. Not pay for it and then wait for a refund. I think it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it is a bogus policy and someone needs to come up with something better if they want to keep their customers.

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  • Jj
    J.juelz Aug 05, 2009

    I am an Avon sales rep in Canada. I dont know if there are any major differences but here we dont have to return personal care items back to Avon(creams, perfums etc). This is great because we can keep customer returns and use them as demo products. I get customers that complain about the quality of the product and return them but they are barely used.
    I had a customer who returned two orders. Once she returned these shoes worth $20 and said they looked nothing like the picture. She didn't even open the bag to try them on!!
    Ok so I spend $10 returning the product back to avon and had no problems. I got an instant credit and they recieved the product in time.
    The second time she ordered a shirt which she "didn't like" which cost $30. Again, she never even opened the bag!! So again I have to spend $10 on shipping. I now dont let my customers order shoes or clothes because of the high cost of returning the products.
    As for your situation, here we have a time imit for returning products. We cannot accept products that are almost empty even if you are not happy with the results. Products don't work the same for everyone and this is not a clinical procedure so dont expect dramatic or visible results.

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  • Ci
    CINDYOR1 Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a representative of Avon. I have been trying to get them to remove DUPLICATE returned items that have been in my returns for over 6 months. These items have already been credited to my account, but I can't get AVON to understand that and just remove the duplicate list off my account. I can't use my returns until this is taken care of. I have dealt with at least 5 people and my manager over me and to no avail it is to hard for anyone to understand. My 13 year old understands this!!! Hum!!! I am not sure if this will get to anyone, but if it does please call me.

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fraud and cheating

Avon misleads its representatives into thinking that they can earn money selling avon products. This is a big...

scam and cheating

I am writing this about my friend who is an avon consultant. She is the one who signed up with the company, but she lets me use her discount. She has previously sold avon (Me too) , but she decided to sign up again for the discount on products. When she first told me she was going to sign up she mentioned from the previous time she was a consultant that she owed them money. They tried calling her for a few weeks, she never paid and they just quit calling. So we talked about and both agreed that if it was still on file that she owed money they would mention that as they were putting her in the system, right? Wrong.

Instead, she ordered her first campaign and everything went smoothly. Second campaign I found about $200 worth of stuff I wanted just for myself (Not including what she ordered for herself, and other customers). She didn't have all the money right away, so I let her use my credit card to pay off her consultant balance so the products would ship (Since I owed her money for my products anyways). There was a first payment of $75. We check for a tracking link a couple days later, and it hasn't shipped.

According to customer service there was $7 that still needed to be paid before everything was shipped. So I let her use my card again to pay the $7. Couple days later still no tracking link, nor has it shipped. She calls the district manager, denise ley, several times, and emails her several times without a response. Finally a week or 2 goes by and she gets ahold of denise who says that avon is keeping the money we paid ($82) and we weren't getting our products because of the money my friends owes from when she was a consultant previously. Yes, my friend was wrong in not paying them off years before from when she was a consultant, but they have not even offered us to pay the $40 she owed previously to get our stuff. End of story, no option to get our stuff. They are keeping the $82, and we aren't getting anything.

Well I have several times utilized the dispute a credit card charge before and everything always ends up working out... So that is our next option. She is going to try calling them (Corporate, since denise won't help us at all) again tomorrow, and if no answer by wednesday I said i'm disputing the charge and lets see what avon has to say to my credit card company. I have this feeling that what they are doing is illegal. It would be *reasonable* to say that if she paid the $40 she owed from being a consultant years ago that we would get our things, we/she would. We have absolutely no problem paying the $40 previously owed to be able to get our stuff. But I think it's common sense they can't just say they are keeping all $82 and we're getting nothing, with no option to pay the $40 owed??? I have this feeling I will be calling my credit card company in a few days. I'll post an update and let you know what happens.

  • Sa
    Sara Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all, don't cheat people. What goes around comes around. I hope they keep your money and dont give it to you so you learn a lesson for next time. I am an Avon representative, they always respond to my problems and are very tolerant. They just don't want to trust u again.

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  • Va
    Vallery Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You deserve it ! now learn a lesson and next time be more responsible.

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  • Le
    Lee Daniels Sep 08, 2009

    I ordered 5 watches from my Avon Rep. in July for gifts. The first watch was opened in August, and it fell apart! How do I get it replaced for a new one??

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