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I wanna get this out there to people who are trying to get extra money and are thinking of becoming an avon rep. Don't do it unless you wanna get ripped off like I did!!!

I recently sold avon on different occasions to try to get extra money for my husband and i. So I contacted the representative that was on the back of the avon book that my husband brought home to me and I set up my avon account put the books out and later on found out from my husband that the places the books went they were gone. So I thought okay maybe I will start getting calls or emails with avon. Boy was I dead wrong... The next day my husband goes back to work and sees about two dozen more avon books and they weren't mine. So then I went ahead and tried to contact the district manager for her help. Did I get response back for help? No! Instead I get emails telling me about upcoming things that have to do with the
Company. Then I get a phone call letting me know about the conference call tomorrow night (6/17/2009). I thought okay now I can let them know how I feel no big deal. Then I get a call about an hour later telling me that I can't place anymore orders etc. Because of an issue that happened 3 years ago which was not my fault so I called to try to get the problem fixed. I go to make the phone call but did I get to talk to someone to fix the problem. Again no... They decided to play tennis with me having me go on a wild goose chase and call a bunch of other numbers. They just didn't want to hear my problem. So that's why i'm trying to get the word out to other consumers not to go to work for avon because they will rip you off in a heart beat

You will get overcharged and you will put out more money than you bring in!!! And im not the only one who had the problem i've had several other former representatives tell me that they had the same problem with avon


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      Jul 22, 2009

    Nonniemouse, it violates your agreement with Avon to sell Avon licensed products on eBay. I'm surprised they haven't suspended your account. Which if your DM ever gets it in her mind to do, she will find a reason, trust me.

    I hope the Albee statue paid for any Avon related debt and made up for stacked-up inventory in your basement ;).

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      Sep 15, 2009

    So basically you are annoyed that someone dared to put out books in the same place as you put yours? LOL Welcome to the business world,'s called competition! You're not cut out for Avon, better off sitting on your butt and letting the government support you - let me guess, you're a Democrat!

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      Sep 19, 2009

    I looked into Beauti-control. You get a great commission like 30-60%(compared to 20% and all the fees from AVON!) depending how much you sell. The makeup is not made in China and it really works and lasts a good while.
    I always look at consumer reporting and comment sites before i buy anything. I only saw 1 person that was mad at a beauty control consultant, the lady was not mad at the company or the products. her complaint was also from 2006.
    I think it is now only $99.00 to sign up, and they give you a bunch of free stuff and 50% commission off all your orders for a period of time.

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      Jan 19, 2011

    People succeeed and fail at sales businesses. It is apparent that you did not fair so well with AVON, but there are countless representatives, including myself, who do very well with AVON. It just breaks my heart to see individuals tearing the name of AVON down because of their own shortcomings. For those who are interested in the business, research, ask, and learn and I can assure you that you will find the business rewarding as I have for the past 8 years.

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      Feb 04, 2011

    I have /had trouble with Avon. I closed my account in April 2010. It is now February 2011. I have been called, emailed, sent packages, etc. My Dm reopened my account without my permission. After closing my account in April 2010, 10 mos later I get bills for crap I ordered in December 2010. What gives a Dm the right to reopen a closed account and place orders on it w/o permission? Sorry. I did nit order this crap, never received this crap and I am not paying for this crap. Sick and tired of call centers in India I thought you were an American company then hire American workers

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      May 08, 2016

    I am an Avon representative and Lately they have started ripping me off with returns. In Jan I processed a return and they claimed there was a shortage in it although I am positive that there was no shortages in my return they refused to give me credit for the item they claimed was short. Then a couple of months later I processed another return of a single item and they claimed that there was nothing in the box and reversed my refund! EXCUSE ME AVON but YOU ARE LIARS! I did not send back an empty box...
    They screw over their representatives. They are a dishonest company! I'm glad to be finished with them!

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