AvMed Health Plans / Non payment for medical services

West Palm Beach, FL, United States
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I've been with AvMed since November of 2015. They have never paid for any of my visits to my PCP or specialists. They also never paid for a liver scan I had this year. The excuse they give is that I have a primary insurance that should be covering those visits. If that is their reasoning, why are they paying for my prescriptions and blood work?
My spouse and I have contacted them about non-payment at least 5 or 6 times. Every time except once, they told us they would fix the problem. The one exception was when a male told me they needed proof that I didn't have a primary insurance. He also told me they had no record of ever contacting them.
The last time my spouse contacted them, he was told that we have Humana as our primary. He informed them that was through ACA and we discontinued that when we got AvMed through his employer. They said they would fix the problem and pay our outstanding bills.
That was two weeks ago and we are still getting bills.

Oct 11, 2016

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