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Avelle/BagBorrowOrSteal / pricing and condition of merchandise

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Regrettably a negative experience all around. Sold them a brand new Burberry bag with tags worth over $850. I am embarassed to say what I took for it; but to say they got the better end is accurate. Having never done business with them, being a purchaser of high end designer bags and because I was looking for a few that I couldn't find easily, I took the store credit route.  The credit sat there for months, until finally I spent it.

Got the bag I purchased outright. Had to pay more out of pocket than the credit I had. And I would love it if it were not the filthiest bag I have ever paid this kind of money for. If the bag that they, on the website claim "guaranteed authentic, perfect condition, no exceptions" didn't have worn piping. On the TOP. Really. Seriously? It looks like flaky black paint around the edges of the top trim. There was some left on the brass. Is this what you tout your "bag repair department?" for the types of bags you carry, I would hope you would do better than that.  

But I would be remiss if I failed to mention something else I have noticed. Something I think, as a buyer and not a renter, is pretty important.  And I just want to give a few examples. You might want to double check the guy that works in the "regular price" department. Because, last I checked, I could buy a BRAND NEW Louis Vuitton Alize at my local LV store for $2070.00. And it is the most expensive one. NOT for $2800.00 as you claim the regular price to be. At your 20% off "sale" price, you aren't doing anyone any favors. Charging them MORE for a used LV than LV themselves charge for a new one? Another example. The cigarette case. By one online brand new at Or your "pre owned, " $265, on sale, was $295 only one left...I am sure there are some that, like the wapity case @ a bargain of $225, are lower and the claimed retail is lower than the actual. I am merely suggesting that you be truthful in your claim.

The customer wants to feel as though they are being treated fairly.  It is easy to feel duped, as it were, by the merchant when you suddenly find that what you think is a deal is suddenly, well, not so much one.

I hate that this was such a bad experience. Between mine and my friends' closets, we easily cycle through thousands of dollars in handbags and accessories a year and I was hopeful that this would be a positive experience.  My wish is that the company can change and other shoppers can benefit from my experience.

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      12th of Oct, 2011
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    I too had sold several authentic Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci products to this company and felt that they pretty much stole them from me. I opted to get credit rather than straight cash, as I would even get less if I went with the cash option. The credit can only be used towards their per-owned products that, to other unhappy customers point, Avelle sells for more what they are worth brand new!!! Not only I lost money on the high end products I sold to them, but felt that what I paid for the product they sold to me is worth more compare to if I went to Neiman Marcus or Saks to buy it (not to mention guaranteed brand-new)... I would never recommend this company to my friends or family as I am embarrassed to say that I trusted this company without doing further research about their background to find out if they are reputable.

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