AutoZonevery poor service, attitudes

I have noticed poor service at Mountain City Auto zone several times in the past, but had marked it off as my perception or just employees having a bad day.
However yesterday, 2-1-2017, I tried again to shop at the store. The clerks, several working were slightly occupied, but I picked my item got in one of three lines, and waited till a female counted change in her drawer, lengthy, counting her money, as a male an female were buying a battery, in front of me. The lines to the left cleared then started again several times as I waited patiently for several minutes. Just as it was my turn, the clerk, walked from behind the counter and went outside to install the battery, for the person in front of me? No sorry, no asking another to help me pay, nothing just a stare .
I placed my items on the counter and left, Never to Return to Your Store Again!
This seems to be a pattern in this store, I have noticed very poor service, and enter expecting this, and usually it is just that way. It's not my imagination, and there are a few helpful individuals that work there, but several truly take pleasure in rude, service.

Feb 02, 2017

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