AutoZonestore manager breaking corporate policy


I went to the Autozone on Nederland Ave in Nederland TX to get a part my husband needed. Prior to arriving I checked other competitors prices and had them readily available to show for the price match. I have used the price match guarantee several times for years and this is why Autozone has had my business for over 20 years. THAT ENDS TODAY! Not only did the store manager DENY corporate policy of the price match guarantee, the store manager was very rude because I questioned why he would not price match which is corporate policy. The item was for sale by a competitor and the part had the same lifetime warranty. Both of which met the requirements for the price match of $45. However, he said the lowest he would go was $69.99. I was highly upset and shocked with how I was treated. HE ACTUALLY ACTED LIKE HE WAS MY BOSS AND I BETTER NOT QUESTION HIS WORD! My story gets even more SHOCKING! My husband needed 3 additional parts. I looked just one of those parts up at AUTOZONE.COM and told my husband the part was $21, took a screenshot and sent it to his phone so he could show the manager just in case he ALSO gave him a hard time and to show the part was in stock according to your website. At this point I have lost all faith in AutoZone. When my husband arrived at the same Autozone on nederland Ave in Nederland TX, My husband was told the
Part was $37. HE SHOWED THE MANAGER THE ONLINE PRICE FOR AUTOZONE AND !!! HE REFUSED!!! REFUSED!!! TO MATCH HIS OWN PRICE ONLINE!!! HE REFUSED TO MATCH THE PRICE ON My husband was so angry and fed up that when he left he wanted me to blow up social media with this unacceptable customer service and ask that all who see the message NOT to support this type of treatment to our local community... GO TO ONE OF THE OTHER 2 Parts places next door to that location but DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS unless you support the store Manager Price Gauging his own local community! Especially after the tragic flooding we experienced and all the cars flooded in the area with only liability which will not cover a flooded vehicle. Way to hit us where it hurts. We had 2 choices 1. Don't fix our truck and loose his job which after the hurricane I no longer have one. Or 2. Buy the parts and have our kids go without food for 2 weeks until he gets paid. We had no choice and the extra $60 we had to pay literally took the food out of our children's mouth. Now I have to explain why they can't eat lunch at school and why we only have crackers for dinner... every day and every night for two weeks if the crackers last that long.

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