Autonation Ford-Sanford FLextended warranty cancelled

I purchased a 2013 ford c-max in march 2013. At that time I purchased the extended warranty and also the maintenance warranty. In november 2015 we moved to texas and found out that the maintenance warranty would not be honored in texas. I contacted the dealership and advised them to cancel the maintenance plan as it would not cover my oil changes here in texas. In oct 2017 I took my vehicle in to dealership for some work and was told that I did not have a extended warranty. After many phone calls and no one at dealership wanting to speak to me, I was finally told that my extended warranty had been cancelled in 01/2016 by the dealership. I never signed any paperwork cancelling the warranty. The remainder of the warranty was credited to my loan, which I never knew anything about. I originally paid over $2100.00 for maintenance warranty and extended plan and was credited a little over $700.00 to my loan, which again I was not notified by anyone that the money had been credited to my loan. So basically I paid over $1300.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Sanford, FL00 for warranties I never used and a dealership was able to cancel my extended warranty without a signature. When I called in nov 2015 to cancel the maintenance warranty my car had around 38, 000 miles, which was already out from under the warranty that comes with the vehicle. Why in the world would I cancel an extended warranty at that point, when that is when all the problems start happening with a vehicle. I'm really upset that no one from the dealership will admit that their finance guy, lee screwed up and cancelled my extended plan and now i'm just out all the money I paid on the warranty plus the over $1, 100.00 worth of repairs that needs to be done to my vehicle now. To be honest I am not sure that the dealership ever turned in the paperwork to the extended service plan with ford as they could not locate anything in their system using the vin of my vehicle. I am not wanting a whole new warranty on my vehicle, I just want the repairs to be covered that needs to be done now. It seems I just keep getting the run a round and no one wants to help

Nov 09, 2017

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