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I went to this dealership after corresponding with a sales representative on deals on a Chevy volt 2017 as I trade in my current car.
Everything ran smoothly at first besides the fact that I waited 4 hours to finish up. They asked me to do a credit check even though I already did one online as the sales person requested me to do via email.
The next day, I noticed that my lease mileage limit was incorrect. I had a good experience with the sales and finance persons so I tried to keep a positive and calm mindset as I drove back to the dealership. I explained my situation when I got there and asked if they can kindly correct the information as we have agreed.
At first, they said they would look into it and I would be slotted next to have the discrepancy adjusted. After about 10 minutes, the sales person told me that they were busy and I may consider coming back or waiting (but the wait would be long). I calmly said that it was ok and that I preferred to wait. After 5 minutes another person came up to me telling me the same information. I felt that this time there was more of a hint that they were too busy and that I should come back at a later time.
This started to upset me. I am a transparent and honest purchaser. The deal was not something I forced. I told them what I could afford and what kind of deal I am able to commit to. I didn't get exactly what I wanted but after considering the counter offer, I decided to accept it. There was not hard haggling or anything to that sort. This is why I am very upset. They made a mistake on the contract and if what they were saying was correct, that the information online was correct but for some reason printed incorrectly, then why can't they just reprint the information.
This is a totally unscrupulous practice and reflects why car sales people have a bad reputation. Duping consumers is not cool at all. We all work hard for our money. This unacceptable and I tend to push this complaints to legal and government agencies so this will not happen to some other people. As I write this complaint, I have been waiting a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes just waiting to get a reprint of a lease contract, while my children wait for me at home. Thanks Chevy! Never again.

Jan 14, 2017

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