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Tempe, AZ, United States

Let me present myself: Born and raised in France, I relocated 13 years ago in the US. I got my US citizenship but still have the "froggy" French accent.
I then gave 6 years of my life to the Country ad a public servant (Correctional Officer and Deputy Sheriff).
I was interested in a 2006 BMW M5 (at Autonation Toyota Tempe AZ).
I had been in contact for over 2 weeks proposing offers on the supposed fixed price of $13900 (I had proposed $12800, then $12500)
Yesterday, suddenly the price dropped at $10900!!! I reserved the vehicle immediately.
Today I went to see the car and they told me it was sold...Weird, such a drop in price and bam immediately sold.
I showed them the reservation email and they suddey were embarrassed. I asked to talk to the Supervisor of the Toyota Employee Carlos.
A Lady Employee told me it was sold to a father of a 21 years old.
I asked to talk to a Supervisor.The Supervisor Mike Farrell and the Lady who had sold the car spoke together. Someone had allegedly bought the car under condition that spark plugs be fixed but didn't pay or financed it, therefore the Supervisor informed the Lady that it was not sold, and that I could buy it but that the car was being fixed at BMW. They even tell me: "congratulations for your new car".
When it was time to finance the car I was oriented to Carlos to take care of the transaction: for some reason they needed to repeat to me that he is the best (2 weeks ago he had refused to sell me the car at $12800...).
While we are talking talking, the Lady stopped by and told Carlos something like "Travis should have paid" (like if he was an employee or a friend) and she add: " I habe had it with this car!" And she left...
Carlos checked my credit score and tells me that with my credit and my negative equity on my trade in they cannot sale the car to me.
He then shows my my 3 credit scores they printed which don't match the official Equifax/Transunion/ Experian numbers: their scores showed 574 for 3 bureaus. I showed them the true scores (635 for all) by going directly on the Official Bureaus websites (Equifax, etc...). Silence.
Then I get to speak again to Mr Farrell who start to tell me they habe to go by the score they got.
I showed him the official scores documents. SIilence.
Then he bounces back and explain to me the difference between those score and Fico Auto Score. I told him that I know the difference but that the scores don't match for the 3 bureau and that my FICO auto score 8 is 594.
Now it's sorry we don't sell it without down payment if auto score under 600...The explanation keeps changing...
Then he needs to add that the bank I put down would never finance me if I apply for a vehicle.
Unluckily for them, I tell them they are the ones actually financing my current car...Another guy coming from nowhere starts to interrupt me when I was even not talking to him!
Now he is telling me that the 3 bureau scores (Equifax, etc...) are my auto FICO score which they are not since his colleague just gave me another auto score calling it clearly fico auto score with a different number way lower thant 594 (he refused to show me the number or leave the papers)...
Explainations keep changing.
Now I have 2 guys interrupting me constantly talking to me with an exaggerated articulation and loudly like if I don't speak or understand English.
I finally tell them: "ok, I understand what you said and anyway Carlos told me clearly that you couldn't sell me the car.
Carlos then lying in my face tells me that he didn't say that!!! Unbelievable.
Mike Farrell then tells me that's not true, that we can try another bank!!! Well, why as ll this crap then?!
Then he suddenly looked at me with an aggressive look and tell me with a very cold voice, stopping the conversation, :"ok, now have a good day, waiting for me to leave. I get it: if I don't leave I have to expect police!
I left, after being belittled, feeling lied to, cheated on, taken for an idiot and discriminated.
It looks like an employee wanted to buy the car at a lower price and they managed to do an illegal sell, by suddenly loweing the price and also broke your no haggle policy and sold it as a way lesser price $2500 less than my offer before even lowering officially the price!!!).
Well, you got the story.
That's stories like that which affect Toyota reputation and discredits car salesmen.
This is unacceptable.
Let ne know if you can do anything, or please transmit higher my complaint.
Thank you!
Emmanuel Cave

Oct 19, 2018

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