Autonation / 2010 chevy traverse unethical warranty work

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I have a 2010 Chevy Traverse that I have had into Autonation Superstition Springs Mesa, Az 4 times for the same AC issue. Each time the service adviser is rude and unprofessional. I had it at the dealer in Oct 2017 for the front evaporative cooler and 6 days later had to bring it back in because two of the four AC actuators quit. I was also having issues with the dash lighting up with thee brake light and saying the traction control and stabilitrack was off. It will also shut down my cruise control when it occurs which is everytime I drive the car now. I just love going down the road and hearing ding, ding, ding every couple of minutes. I contacted this dealer when it started and all I got was "wow, you sure have a lot of issues with that vehicle." I promptly contacted Chevy customer relations and told them thee situation. They advised me to take the car to another chevy dealership and have it the meantime, I was reading through receipts from my last two trips to the original dealer and discovered that they did recall work that consisted of taking out my front seats and cutting and rewiring the airbags. NO ONE said a word about doing this work. They also stated that the actuators were probably bad but did not replace them under that warrantied trip. Why?? The second shop adviser informed me that my car would not light up and ding like that for the issue its claiming unless it was rolling. The car was in park with the engine running and was sounding off and lighting up every couple of minutes. I called Chevy customer relations back and they advised me to take it back to Superstition Springs and talk to the General Manager. They need to fix the problem, I don't feel safe and I honestly do not know what my car is going to do when this all happens. I am apalled at the horrible customer service at this dealership and after this is taken care of, one way or the other, I will go elsewhere and I will never do business with any Autonation ever again!

Nov 23, 2017

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