Autonation2009 santa fe

I bought a 2009 Santa Fe from AutoNation off of 104th after I paid cash for the car I asked for the keys the sales person told me that they wanted to keep it started because it died earlier. When I woke up to start my car in alarm started going off at 5:30 in the morning I had no idea about an alarm I did not receive a remote control only one key and the alarm went off until my battery died and then it was fried after changing my battery several lights went off check engine brake light ABS as well as others. I found out the connections to my batteries or not done properly and that's why they were having problems with the car dying. After fixing all of this stuff my car started making noises like the brakes we're going to bad of course this could be because I was showing a 52 point inspection that verified everything was OK the mechanic sold me the brake shoes and it was complete metal on metal what's not only does damage to rotors and other parts of the car is very dangerous people can die because of bad breaks. I notified customer service the first day I talk to my sales agent and was offered no type of compensation so basically I was sold a lemon that I had to invest money and I paid a book fair market price for something under porn that could not even be rated why name is randy cordova randy cordova I'm sure you could look this information up if there's anyway You could make this right let me know or else I would be happy to share on Facebook Google Twitter or any social media I could find about the way I was treated at a national car dealership that donates its profits to cancer which is one of the only reasons I chose this dealership because many of my family members are fighting that battle right now

Jun 10, 2018

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