AutoAnything / Terrible Customer Service

San Diego, United States
Contact information:

Ordered a Tonneau cover with AutoAnything. They were
supposed to make delivery to my home. The coordination between them and UPS
Freight was terrible. Since I had already taken a day off from work to receive
the cover I had to drive to the UPS Freight Facility myself to pick it up

When I arrived at UPS Freight Facility the exterior
cardboard packaging had been damaged. The damage was to the edges of the box
which someone had clearly stabbed the cardboard edges with the metal forks of a
forklift. Also had a very large impact on the main surface of the package. So
hard that it tore the cardboard. See photos.

UPS opened the package gently and we were unable to
really determine if the contents were damaged but it appeared that nothing was
missing. We were afraid that one of the forklift drivers would run over the
package if we examined it on the loading dock any further.

The package was then moved to my home garage where an 8”
crack in the cover was discovered and also found that the paint surface had
been damaged. Both where in the locations of the above mentioned damage.

A UPS contracted Investigator examined the package and contents
in my garage and told me that there was no question that the package had been
damaged during the shipping.

During the contact with AutoAnything I explained all of
the troubles I had experienced with UPS over the years. I was told AutoAnything
did not have a choice with who the Shipping Company would be. Later when I
contacted the Undercover Company itself I was told that the shipping was in fact
done by AutoAnything.

After receiving legal disclaimer type email from
AutoAnthing I had to file a dispute with PayPal to get a refund.

Was not even called back by AutoAnything until the Undercover
Company called them on my behalf. Spoke to Angelica from AutoAnything who just
acted like this was all my fault.



Mar 4, 2014

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