AutoAnythingHorrible customer service, items are NOT in stock

I have placed orders from autoanything on two occasions. I will NEVER do that again. The first time they shipped 80% of my order and neglected to let to know that the other 20% were not shipping for another 3 weeks until I called them wondering where my missing items were. Online it stated these items were in stock. And then guess what, it happened again with another maybe sorta possibly 3 week wait, they couldn’t be sure. I realize that stuff happens in the warehouse, but at least other parts stores let you when they are shorting the order, an estimated ship date, and maybe even do something nice for you. Autoanything does nothing, doesn't care, and can't even tell you anything more than an approximate ship time. AND their website still lists the missing parts as being in stock. Ridiculous. No other major online auto parts stores run their business in this fashion.

Feb 14, 2015

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