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Authorhouse / royalties

1 Bloomington, IN, United States
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By now I am sure it is quite clear to anyone that Authorhouse is a wildly disreputable company. With the thousands of complaints and the pending class action suit filed in New York, no one should ever consider using them as a publishing tool.

In 2009 I did just that. They charged me jus $800.00 US and in the end published my book using a preliminary unedited draft. They said they would change the content for an additional $200.00 US. I declined and sent them a cancellation order in May 2011. That should have been the end of it. It was not.

In mid 2016 I came across my book for sale at Barnes and Noble so I contacted Authorhouse and asked them if this book was still for sale. They said yes and aimed a sales consultant at me. I could not believe it was still being sold since I received $0.00 in royalties during those five years.

I asked for a full accounting of these royalties and I was surprised to find that there was almost $100.00 US in royalties at $1.82 US per book. (The book sold for around $35.00 US)

In February 2016 I asked for those royalties to be sent and they told me that their accounting department would have to investigate to see whether or not each royalty check sent to me, was cashed or not. In the interim (today is March 4th 2018) I have received nothing, and all I have been told via email is that the accounting department is working on it.

I will say that if I had an accounting department that incompetent, I would fire the lot of them. 13 months later and a second cease publication order. I find that the book is STILL being sold. I know because I just bought one.

So if anyone is still thinking of using Authorhouse to publish their hard work - their intellectual property - stop!! Do not use Authorhouse! You are simply throwing your hard earned money and your Intellectual Property away. Research the publishing industry and inform yourself about the scams out there. There are good companies that will actually aid you in the process. Authorhouse is not one of them.

Mar 4, 2018

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