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I am a victim of predatory lending practices. I bought my house in October 2003, and soon after Aurora Loan Services purchased my loan. A couple years later, I fell behind on my payments. Instead of working with me to lower my monthly payments, Aurora began charging me $200 more a month (to make up the difference from falling behind).

From [protected], I worked with them to lower my monthly payments again. After denying me several times, they finally agreed to work with me. They would charge me $1, 500 a month for two years and then my payments would go up to $1, 800 a month for the remainder of the 40-year loan. At that point, I had been living in my home for six years and I owed $10, 000 more on it than I originally bought it for. Making mortgage payments for six years had done nothing but put me into an upside down loan.

My husband lost his job in the fall of 2009 and we could no longer pay $1, 500 a month. Aurora refused to even talk to us about forbearance until my husband could find work. Instead, they immediately started the foreclosure process.

So long story short, our house is being foreclosed on. Aurora doesn't care about homeowners.

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  • Ec
      Sep 20, 2010

    I did not realize how many people are being lied and cheated to by Aurora. I have tried every which way to work with them to save my home and have hit a wall each and every time!!! I have suffered serious setbacks from 2005 to present and have tried to retain my home regardless. I was expecting Aurora to work with me, however they have no intention of letting me keep my home unless it becomes a full out war. They took over 6 months to deny a modification and stated to me that the lender/investor was not interested in the Obama home save program. They did not at any time notify me of the denial, I became very concerned when I recieved the Auction date 9/22/10 and when I called them I got a recording saying to give them until November 20th to review. I finally got through to someone and they stated the denial letter was in the mail. I took them 6 months to deny me based on they don't do "2" modifications within 1 year. 6 MONTHS TO SAY THIS!!! I called for an amount to bring current and was told if I submit proof that I have the monies available (401K) they will stop the auction, however now that I amasking them for the dollar amount I'm getting a run around again!!! This is truly a nightmare!!! Get an Attorney these people are only out to rip off those unfortunates that seek their help. Homeowners BEWARE OF THE BIG BAD WOLF: AURORA, AURORA AND AURORA!!!

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  • Jo
      Dec 04, 2010

    yes I agree, we too have requested help from them to no avail, for them to consider a loan restructure, no go. Aurora are just a collection agency, I believe, so it's hopeless to even try to deal with them.

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  • F1
      Dec 10, 2010

    Kind of the same situation here, however I was denied a loan mod and Aurora kept stringing me along for over a year. I have done overwhelming research and have spoken with two seperate lawyers. Trust me when I say that foreclosure is a blessing in disguise. Im truly sorry to hear anyone who is struggling in these times and has had to deal with Aurora. I can afford my payments, however my home has lost almost 50% of its value, I have never been late on a payment and my Christmas present to myself this year is to start the foreclosure process. God Bless...!

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