Audi / bacterial infection from air con system of q5

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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I purchased an Audi Q5 in Feb 2015. By Audi’s own admission, the problem of bacteria infestation in the air-conditioning system of Audis in Dubai is a known problem, leading to a foul smell in the cabin. In Jan 2017 I suffered from an Acute respiratory infection. This seems to be recurring since I’m experiencing similar symptoms. Pathogenic bacteria causes infections and contributes to diseases such as tuberculosis & pneumonia. Besides me, this is being inhaled by my 8-year old daughter and everyone else who travels in my Q5.
Audi Dubai insists on charging me for taking corrective action on my car even though it is under warranty. I am surprised to say the least considering the serious health hazard and nonchalant attitude of Audi.
The Audi VW Group is already embroiled in an international emissions testing scandal. That has to do with devalued emissions to the environment which could 'potentially' have a negative impact on the environment in the long term.
My complaint is much more severe & could have global ramifications if proven. Audi Q5 being sold in the UAE are developing dangerous bacteria in the air conditioning system which is being directly fed into the passenger cabin & into the respiratory tracts of all occupants in the car. This has immediate and guaranteed infection/diseases especially with children.
It is incredible how audacious Audi can act - lack of responsibility especially when it concerns their product posing a serious health hazard to their customers. I have taken the time to share feedback about my experience with the Q5 which will hopefully help other car buyers to make well-informed decisions about Audi and it’s products.


Apr 07, 2017

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