ATT / wireless - unlocking device, cancelling account

Due to increase in monthly rates for grandfathered unlimited plan, I made the decision to move my wireless account along with my dad and sisters to another carrier. Note: I had been with ATT for over 10 yrs.

On March 3rd: paid early termination fee as requested by ATT Customer Care for my dad's line in order to request device unlock
On March 4th: request device unlock for my dad's phone
On March 5th: received unlock code. Proceeded to follow instructions and unlock was indicated as successful.
Unfortunately, it didn't stay unlocked. I ended up on the phone with ATT Customer Care, transferred to numerous departments for almost 12 hrs on March 5th. Not one customer care person was able to assist AND each time I was transferred to someone, I was told something completely different.
At midnight on March 5th, I finally was transferred to a supervisor who said (and I quote) "The issue is made up in your head" and hung up on me.

I resolved this issue by going to both ATT and another carrier store.

Now, I am trying to unlock my sister's device (who, for the time being, is with ATT).
March 7th: paid remaining balance of phone (she bought a new one recently). the ATT customer care person didn't even realize we would need to do this first before requesting unlock. I had to tell him.

March 8th: submitted device unlock request online. A few hours later, we receive email indicating the IMEI # requested doesn't match ATT records. Immediately called ATT Customer Care who confirmed the IMEI # we had is the same on ATT system. They submitted a claim.

It is now March 10th and I am still waiting for a resolution. Every time I call ATT Customer Care, I am told there is no way of expediting, no way of contacting the group that works on this. In addition, I am told that resolution is targeted for March 10th afternoon, however afternoon can me up to midnight!
I have explained numerous times that we are travelling and cannot wait nor call ATT every few hrs looking for a resolution.

I am looking for:
1. apology and monetary compensation for what I went through for unlocking my dad's device on March 5th. The sheer ineptitude and rudeness was ridiculous. A simple request turned into a 12 hr ordeal.

2. unlocking of my sister's device ASAP. It's a simple request.


Mar 10, 2017

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