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AT&T Wireless / slammimg

1 TX, United States

I worked for Cingular Wireless prior their changeover to AT&T Wireless resolving number portability problems. During the early stages of number portability, our support group was inundated with trouble tickets generated by customers who were very angry to have discovered that their phone number was ported to Cingular without their permission. After some investigation on my part, I discovered that as part of the initial process, the contracting group that wrote the code for this process, had written some code which allowed customer service reps. to take down information from customers who called to inquire about porting thier number to Cingular. The customer service reps., would tell the inquiring customers that they would take their information down and "save" it in case the customer later made the decision to port their number to Cingular. What the reps. probably did not know, was that this information was saved in the form of a file, which was then automatically fed into a "batch" job which ran at night and ported the phone number over to Cingular with the "saved" information without the customers approval.

There were literally thousand of these tickets. I personally worked hundreds of them. On several occasions, I spoke with the team lead in charge of writing the code for the portability process, and she told me on 3 different occasions that she had voiced objections to installing this "informational" code due to legal and integrity reasons, and was told by Cingular upper management that they insisted that this code be installed.

I contacted the PUC in Texas about this illegal process and was told that they would not investigate a comlaint regarding slamming unless it affected me personally on my wireless account. They would investigate 1 complaint, but chose to ignore somebody with valid proof that they were salmming thousands of wireless users. So there you have it, AT&T Wireless willing to defraud thousands of people - DELIBERATELY. If anybody that works for, or supports AT&T Wireless, is angered by this and doubts the accuracy or honesty regarding the above statements, I would be glad to provide the names of the contracting company that wrote the slamming code, the team lead who was instructed to write and install the code, and the people in WLNP suuport group who worked these tickets.

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