AT&T WirelessI ordered 2 iphones 7 plus the sent wrong 2 iphone 7 regular instead:

my name is Edy
phone number [protected] at&t company client for about 5 years on dec. 2016 my line was upgrade allergeble well the customer agents always asked me to upgrade my services but i never wanted to do so
its was on December 2016 I decided to upgraded my services by taking advantage in a buy one get one free on christmas special boggles buy one get one free
I call AT&A tall free number I ordered 2 iPhones 7 plus later on i receive a email from at&t said my order was success for two iPhones 7 not the plus, so i call the toll free number again to cancel the order an reorder the right item well that was a different Agent answer my call he/she said order has already sent they cannot do anything with that order i have to wait and receive the delivery then inside the box usually a return sleeve take it out fallow the instructions take the item back to the usps. witches i did so i received the Delivery on about christmas eve received one box with two iPhone 7 inside and there was one return sleeve inside the box i took that one sleeve that was ready with all info to return i glue it outside the box so on December 27th 2016 i took the box with 2 iPhones 7inside just the way they've sent it to me back to us postal Elizabeth Nj since then i keep checking with AT&T to find out if ever received but they never receive that returned until now month of May 2017 AT&T never received the delivery but i have the tracking number with me the US POSTAL INVESTIGATED THE PACKAGE COULDN'T FOUNG NO WHERE, so us postal give me a letter said package is no where found I explain the situation to AT&T so many COSTUMER SVC. NO ONE WANT TO HELP ME AS A MATTER FACT right now they are making paying for those loosing item even with the conformed of us postal letters that said package lost or missing and tracking number also now I'm stocked with at&t contact for two years with AT&T for sure they know I'm in a contract already they got me no one want to help me anymore... any one out here I'm looking for help here because i cannot afford to pay so much for those phone and my bill as well please help me share this issue my brothers and sisters right now i feel abused by AT&T thank you and bless Edy J.

May 19, 2017

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