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ATT Uverse / rebate

1 Sunnyvale, CA, United States Review updated:

Here's what att uverse does to get you to switch to them.
They offer you a rebate, in this case $150.00, mail you $50.00
Once. When you call them up later to ask to ask them about the other $100, they tell you you are too late and you're sol! Watch out!!!

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  • Ra
      8th of Apr, 2009

    My complaint is against AT&T for its false advertising regarding rebates. The promised me a total of $240 in rebates against my investment in U-Verse services way back in December 2008, and they haven’t completely delivered by April 2009.

    Their deceptive strategy was to first assure me that after the initial $100 check I would get another check for $40 and a VISA care worth $100 within 4 – 6 weeks after filing. I did file immediately but no rebates yet; furthermore, every time I call to inquire, I get the same line of bull, that there was a breakdown in the process so they will give these rebates high priority and I should get them in 5 – 6 weeks (from the date of the call).

    To add insult, they refuse to accept these credits toward payments to ATT for the crummy service I received from them and subsequently returned to TWC after a 30 day trial.

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  • Sa
      2nd of May, 2009

    I agree. Same thing with my case. The sales guy promised that I will get $250 rebate and now I got only $100 and when I call customer care, they dont really care!! ATT's another lure and trap game.


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  • Tl
      13th of May, 2009

    Having the same issues here in North Raleigh. No rebates yet and it's been two months. Called and they said it's on the way ($100 check and $100 Visa) so we'll see how that goes.

    BUT the other thing is they contend that it's NOT shared access BUT my internet is slow as hell (on ALL websites, not just a few) during busy times of day. And no matter what time of day I have the problem of web pages not coming up youtube will have picture thumbnails missing all over the place and videos won't load unless I do a refresh or two or three. I'm going back to TWC. Never should have switched to begin with.

    One good thing I can say is that ATT has a news server and TWC discontinued theirs.

    PS check out my ATT service photo..funny s*** and I dead with this on EVERY page.

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  • Re
      1st of Oct, 2009

    Somebody knocked on my door to offer me a $150 rebate back in January 2009, it's now October, and still no rebate. I spoke to "Mona" at the att rewards department and she said it was declined because of my phone #?!?!?! She would not elaborate. She said since I don't have an ATT home phone (they do not have it available in my area) I would not qualify for the rebate. Two weeks ago they told me that they would credit my account $150, they never did. Spoke to a supervisor at customer service for ATT, and I have never been treated so rudely, her name was "Collins", she would interupt me and speak loudly (almost yelling) over me. I asked to speak to her superior and she snickered and said "i'll have to take your number and have them call you back". I'm sure she didn't even take my number down. I'm switching back to comcast, after 8 months of crappy service that keeps on failing and paying $210 per month.

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  • Tu
      15th of Mar, 2010

    AT&T promised me a promotion for $20 a month off my uverse bill for 6 months. They told me the second receiver was free for 1 year. The internet was $33.00, the TV was $39.00, less the $20.00 per month. The price of the service was supposed to be $52.00 a month plus taxes for 6 months.
    What a mess. I asked for a paper bill for months, yet only received an email notice, with hundreds of dollars listed as an overdue balance. So far, starting in March of 2009 through February, 2010, I have credits on my account for $1, 002.00, the price of the service during this time is $957.00, with the promotions and they want me to pay them another $249.00. I had a case number in one instance, a representative was supposed to call me back at 9:30am on a Monday and at 8:30am, they turned off my service. Another $60 added to my bill. I have literally spent the entire day on the phone being passed between billing, accounts receivable, retention, sales, with rude people who hang up on you...and when I think everything is straight, another email comes with another overdue amount. I've had it with AT&T.

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  • Mu
      24th of Mar, 2010

    I signed up for ATT Uverse on 3/1/10 for the bundle phone, internet, and TV (6 sets and 2 phone lines) with Hi Def and HBO for $100 Visa Card and $162.00 for the 1st year and no installation charges. (Andrea) After service was installed, I had no high def and no HBO. After the weekend, 2 TVs and DVR did not work. They came to fix it and now I had High Def, but no HBO. I called and they said I was never signed up for HBO, I vigorously disagreed as I had confirmed all information and wrote all the information down, but agreed to pay $168.00 for the U450 package for the 1st year with $150.00 Visa cards. (Sarah 3/17/10). Meanwhile, the laptop computer no longer connects to the gateway, the 6 TV doesn't work and the wireless printer no longer connects to the network. Also. a brand new Hi Def TV has only green, white and red colors. On 3/20/10, I received an ATT card in the mail which said to redeem my ATT reward points online. I did for $100 which I was upset because it was supposed to be $150.00. When I clicked to check my status, it said $250.00 was alsready processed. HMMMM. On 3/22/09, I received the bill from ATT with installation and activation charges ($54), no second phone line, wrong cheaper package listed but with the outrageous amount of over $250.00. I called and talked to Kenya who said she could work around the rate for 6 months then I would have to call her back in 6 months so they could rework ir or she could give me the the difference in a lump sum because I had redeemed the gift cards. She took off the installation charges but not the activation fee. I said no as I use and need an accurate bill for business. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Austin came on the line and confirmed what Kenya told me but said he would check into it and get back to me in 24 hours. I ask for a number to reach him directly and he would not supply me with one. On 3/23/10 in the AM, we contacted the installation technician to say the laptop and TV were not working. We are still waiting for a call. On 3/23 after waiting for a response for 24 hours to no avail, I called ATT and talked to Brendan. He said he could not do anything. I asked to talk to Austin the supervisor. He said there was no supervisor, Austin, who worked there just another Austin, a phone rep like him. HMMMMM. I talked to Amanda, a supervisor. She took off the activation fee but could not help with changing the bill to $168.00 which was what I agreed to pay. She noted the 2nd phone line was not included but she couldn't do anything to help. I was quite upset and told them not to send me a bill as I would not pay it. Later, I called WOW and reordered their service. On 4/5/10, I will be rid of ATT forever. I am still waiting for a service call.

    PLEASE: MY ADVICE - FORGET THIS SERVICE. I also forgot to mention 1 phone no longer works and the TVs frequently freeze and you must reboot the set boxes.

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  • Ba
      4th of Mar, 2011

    I saw a offer for A.T.&T.U-Verse. To switch from your current company they would give you a $300 gift card. I thought WOW! I had the operator explain the gift card and how it could be used. I said sign us up! The after getting the service I get a letter to go to a web-site to get our bonus. I go there and it's $50 gift card. I have lodged numerous complaints. I am being told that I'm receiving a $35 a month discount and can't get the $300 gift card. Discount? I now pay more the Cox my former cable company! Their customer service sucks! I said I know you record these calls - look it up and see that I was supposed to receive it. I was told that even if it was offered - and get this --- "It doesn't exist!". That is what he said! What he meant was I couldn't get the "discount" and the card. So, I said give me the card I was promised - couldn't switch it. It might be illegal to record conversations but if you are going to deal with A.T.&T. I would record any promises made! They also said I received a E-mail out lining the offer I was receiving. I can't find it in old, new or deleated E-mails. So, I said it again. I was told they couldn't do that either!

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  • Ja
      23rd of Aug, 2011

    This lecherous and predatory company operates without impunity. I am a mild mannered person that has been transformed into a raving lunatic by the bait and switch and the absolute horrible customer "service ." I was owed a $300 reward and kept calling to inquire of its status. Now they tell me those rewards are no longer available and there is nothing they can do. It's so egregious that you don't even know where to start presenting a logical argument that clearly demonstrates why you are getting violated without any lube. It's like the Stepford Wives or some other alternate reality that I can't operate in. FYI if they ever cut off your service(S) they charge you a restore fee for each one.Even though it's the same friggin system. They are making Time Warner look like philanthropists compared to their business practices. There are only about 10 other things I was mislead on that I will not go into, so as to preserve a complete nervous breakdown. For lack of a better description the entire outfit is a ### ridden boil on the American consumer's perineum.

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  • Jo
      12th of Mar, 2013

    We switched from DSL to U-Verse Internet, having been promised $200.00 card to use for AT&T bills or whatever we want after 30 days. Well, our account shows we have a $100.00 credit, not the $200.00 card promised. Then in Feb 2013 we changed to Uverse Voice and received just today our letter with our Redemtion ID. I went to the page and it only had a $50.00 redemption card. All the while we were setting up Uverse Internet, what our reward would be was different each AT&T person I talked to. First it was a $200.00 rebate, then it was a rewards card to use however we wish, the next person said no it is a rebate, then the next person told us that it was a card to use on AT&T services, etc. as we wished including paying our bill. The last person I talked to said no it is a $200.00 Visa card to use as we wish. Well, we never received the $200.00 card, but did receive $100.00 credit to our account. Then we went with Uverse Voice in Feb 2013, saying we'd get an extra $50.00 on the rewards card for bundling. That leaves our "rewards" $50.00 short. Why would a company tell so many different customer service reps were different rewards every time we called and checked? I guess I should be happy we at least got the $100.00 credit. We'll see if that $50.00 Visa card ever comes, but it's still short of what we promised. AT&T needs to get their **** together and make sure everyone is on the same page about what and how and how much rewards and rebates are. And, a bit off subject, our "new" 12 mg Internet service is NOT as lightning fast as they said it would be over our past 1.5 mgs. It is faster, but only slightly. What gives? Anyone else experience that?

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