AT&T Uversemultiple charges for same service

I called AT&T after receiving a letter indicating that my credit card did not go through for the autopay. The AT&T representative attempted to run my card for the pending charges (apparently three times) and indicated that the charges would not go through. I proceeded to provide a second credit card which the representative indicated worked. Lo and behold, I checked the account for my first CC and there were three authorizations for over $280 for a total of well over $1000 that they charged to my two credit cards. Follow up calls to AT&T were met with the reply that they only saw one charge received on my account. The credit card company indicates that I can dispute the three charges, the only recourse I have at this time. I wish there was a class action lawyer willing to take on AT&T for this kind of trouble.

Dec 19, 2014

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