ATT Uverse / money stolen from me from directv

It first started with DirecTV given them my social security number because they wanted to make sure that I didn't know any money and put me up for any offers it started out at $54 because I had good credit and a $200 gift card I had one out of town for one week called back already had the card ready to pay and was asked my social security number again and told the amount was 79 I had argued with them but figured that it wasn't a lot more money if they were asking for so I went and got the card again called back it went up to 150 got mad and called back by the end of the day they had ran my social security number 9 times in one day I did not know that that affected my credit they were able to see that on the computer and the original price I was told but still told me I had to pay $220 did they have brought it down from $360 plus they would give me a $300 gift card that I would get within 4 to 6 weeks having kids and my son's birthday party being that Sunday and that he is too and loves Paw Patrol I paid the 220 had someone come out that Sunday for my son's party and had service-connected an hour later my service was off was told that my account went to collections and I would have to talk to them when I spoke with them I got the same three very disrespectful people telling me I was responsible for 800 dollars past due on someone else's account that used to live at my address I had explained to them that I live here by myself and I can send them a lease they refused told me that I would get my 220 back they would send me boxes and I said fine that is not who I want to deal with and that I could not get the gift card and that I was even lying about the amount even though it says it in the computer I asked for corporates number they told me there is no number I would have to write a letter and that my letter wouldn't even be acknowledged that the best corporate would do is make the amount that the past person with a different account would probably Payless I have never been disrespected I want my money back take your damn boxes fix what you guys did running my social security number every single time I spoke with you guys and it is in your system that you guys ran it for a whole week straight anywhere from 4 to 9 times in one day I have good credit you sent my account over to collections when I'm a brand new customer something that are get done about this and I want to know who I can speak with otherwise my lawyer will be involved it is not only $200 it is the fact that you guys damaged my credit by running it and I have good credit I have also had to pay for another cable company figure out what you're going to do I will not go away

Mar 11, 2017

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