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Buford, GA, United States
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i have been having issues with my internet for a very long time, i have called on numerous occasions were they told me the problem was on att&t side like the removal of a jumper and upgrades being done, after a while i still had problems with slow and sometimes no internet, called help desk made me reset box etc, it will work for a short time and then back to problems, whenever i called help desk this was the routine, finally i told them hey this is not the problem its the box, so they finally ship me a more" upgraded" box, i connected the box, box was not working called tech support he made his check and said was bad wiring and if it was i will be charged after hanging up i reinstalled the old box and it worked at least like before so it was not the came out next day did his thing and told me the" new" box att&t sent me was bad, he went to his truck got another box and the internet finally came up . after he left in less than 10 mins the internet was worse than before thought i had dial up, call back att&t and they repeated every step over again to me even telling me they will send another tech over and i will be charged why should i have to take more time off from my job?, i still have slow and sometimes no internet, today i am saying goodbye to att, also att owe me money for all the times I had no service
Att needs better tech and better customer service some of them are rude especially the ones with the funny accent
i have videos of the internet which i will upload later

Jun 23, 2017

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