AT&T Uversebundle

I was quoted $60 for the bundled service for internet/phone/tv.

After battling 2 weeks to get the service at my address (which had been listed after disconnecting from same service 1 week earlier in a different person's name as UNserviceable?!) I am then told that guess what: I do NOT get the $60 rate after all.

NOTE: the sales agent knew that my cellphone was AT&T thru StraightTalk and said I would still qualify for the $25 credit on the regular $89.99.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Greenville, SCSo please know everyone: AT&T DOES NOT, HAS NOT, and WILL NOT tell you the truth in their sales pricing! You get taken for a ride every single time!!!
Also of note, because of the fiasco with my address being listed as "unserviceable"...the original setup on the pricing did not hold...if in fact it had been put in that way at the when I spoke with someone in "Appeals" I was told they had relistened to ALL my conversations with them and that I had been given all the correct information. there you have it folks. Stiffed, and all justified.
Hoping this will save someone some grie[censored]

May 09, 2017

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