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Stevenson Ranch, California, US

I just had to file a complaint about my experience today with the horrendous ATT "customer support team"..I have an hour and a half commute to work here in Los Angeles and I called near the beginning of my commute and after going around and around with a mindless agent, I finally asked to speak to a supervisor and he put me on hold and disconnected me after an hour and a half of my life was WASTED!! I called back again and was disconnected...called back again only to ask for a supervisor and the agent said she wanted to go over my bill WHICH IS TOO HIGH EVERY MONTH..and I told her I wanted a supervisor. She asked me to hold only to come back again and keep going over details that don't matter..a supervisor by the name of "Shawnje" finally came on the line and after another 20 minutes, she wasn't able to lower my bill at all. When I originally signed up with ATT, I was quoted $110 a month for Direct TV, Uverse, Internet and landline, yet for the past 4 months, I keep getting bills like $148, $128, $139..every month I call and I am assured that the bill will be $108 plus tax the next month and the bill is always high again (I'm not including the 1-2 movies I rent a month btw). I must have been asked 13 times for my cell phone number on the calls I spent 2 hours on this morning, yet whenever I was disconnected (on purpose I believe), I was never called back and had to start all over again!!!

Like a total fool I just signed my family up to a 4 line ATT wireless account with unlimited data thinking it would save me money to bundle, but I have already had 5 dropped calls on the busiest freeways in Los Angeles!! I was formerly with Verizon and had VERY FEW dropped calls. Your service is horrendous and you need to train your customer service reps to respond with ANSWERS not wasting people's time. I want my bill lowered from $128.25 down to $110 or I will cancel ALL SERVICES with ATT within the next 30 is it worth it to save $15 ATT and lose $400 a month from a customer?

Nov 21, 2017

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