AT&T U - Versevery bad service

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We had an installation schedule for the AT&T U-Verse on January 31 st, we had ordered this on the 31 of December. We were in the living room waiting for the cable guy to show up and do the installation so we can get on with other important chores. We were sitting there with my brother, mom, and his two friends that came to play a video game. The installation was scheduled for 12:00-2:00. We finally got a call from an AT&T U-Verse employee, the one that was supposed to install U-Verse for us today, [protected]. It was 12:45. On the call he asked if we wanted to re-schedule, and we replied "no, one month is not enough for you?". He then told us that he will come at 1:00. We said alright. Hours passed, and there was no sign of him, no call, nothing. We tried, and tried alot to contact him from the number that he called us from, and a few other numbers. They all had us waiting for 2.5 hrs. Like I mentioned earlier, we were all waiting for him, from 12:00-2:40. We got on the internet, and saw that our appointment was scheduled for 8pm. We were shocked, and then waited for a few more hours, and then finally our call got to them. Someone from the AT&T U-verse picked up the phone. We asked him about the installation, he said that it has been re-scheduled for February 24. We all were sad, and didn't talk much, because it just wasn't clear enough, on why he re-scheduled. The someone also said that he came at exactly 2:40, and knocked a whole lot, then went away. THAT WAS TOTALLY A LIE. WE WERE IN THE LIVING ROOM, OUR FRONT DOOR WAS COMPLETELY OPEN!!! SO WAS OUR BACK DOOR!!! THE ONLY ENTRANCE THAT WAS CLOSED WAS OUR GATE, BUT IT WASN'T LOCKED!!! OVERALL HE LIED, AND NEVER SHOWED UP, AND WITH THAT HE SQUELCHED OUR EXCITEMENT, ANY HAPPINESS FOR GETTING THE U-VERSE, AND HOW ENTERTAINING IT WOULD BE. AT&T U-VERSE WAS THE BADDEST SERVICE WE EVER HAD.


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      Apr 17, 2009

    I agree, AT&T U-verse should not even try to compete with comcast or any onther TV services. Their servces sucks, they do not even know how to repair or troubleshoot their own hardware. They have left a 72 year old lady without a phone line after switching over to AT&T Uverse. She can not make or recieve any calls. If her house was to catch on FIRE AT&T would be a fault since they are not willing to fix their equipment. They should be hung and should not even try to compete with Comcast or satelite TV. They Suck... They told this lady that if she had any problems just call, however when she did the service technician never answered the phone. Lose AT&T U-verse everyone should boybcot the phone company... They have a lot of nerve competing with Cable companies... Get realy AT&T U-verse... then they want to charge $140.00 for a service that does not even work... Go Figure... LOSER Can you say LOSERS... Thats what U-verse is flakes and rip off dont use them lose them...

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      Jul 18, 2010

    Ban/Acc#[protected]. Modem ID -2 wire 280-Net Work KEY-[protected]
    [protected] .
    My television and internet is working, but there is no dieling tone on the telephone, on the telephone led screen
    it says check telephone line, line looks ok, i also switched the modem and dvr off, then even no change

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