AT&T U - Verse / about my monthly bill

TX, United States

To whom it may concern, I shon will like to make a complaint about my at&t u-verse account. I have been a customer sense June of 2010. One of my friends told me about at&t u-verse she enjoyed this cable sooooo much, they did not offer this in my neighborhood. When at&t u-verse was offer in my neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to be as happy about this cable company as my friend was. The technicain came out and did the hook up, he was so politet and nice.I was in loveeee with my new cable at&t u-verse, no one could tell me about this company because I love it to much.My bill was what they quoted me, the first two months. After the two months my bill has been going higher and higher each month.I call every month to talk to someone about my bill.It is getting to be ridiculous that I have to call every month!!! I am not as happy any more, I left comcast because my bill will be a different amount every month . I had to down grade my plan because of my monthly bill.please help I want the love back!!!

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