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AT&T U - Verese / physical& verbal assult by person sent out to install

1 SPRING LAKE, IN, United States

This concerns the fact that I was that I was
Emotionally and physically abused
By a installer (Brian) from at&t before he even got into the house. I had to call the police on this guy because I was so scared of retaliation later. I was on the phone trying to reach his supervisor (Kelly maguire) which made him crazy mad. She finally called for a brief moment to inform me that since I called the police on her employee they would not install the at&t bundle.

(Full story below)

To whom it may concern,
My family has had service from your company in our home (Owned by our family since 1907) from the beginning.
We were interrupted at home one day by a semi-pushy salesman and was talked into getting the at&t bundle pkg. He was telling the private community we live in (Spring lake, in) that we were all approved and could have this installed.
We received a date for installation and were eagerly awaiting our new services.
Then we were informed that we didn’t have enough credit to get the services we picked out. So, we had to cancel the date of installation and get to the bottom of this.
A week or so later, we received an apology letter letting us know (What we already knew) which was that there was an error with their computers and a bunch of people were wrongfully informed they didn’t have good enough credit for at&t, and now we can get whatever we want!
So, all the sudden we were good enough to make another date to have this installed.
15 days later was the first time they could “fit us in” that right there was an inconveinence. They had already suspended our services to switch over to att. Which resulted in about 3-4 hours on the phone complaining that no one was helping us and we should have already have the “bundle pkg”.
I received a $30.00 credit (Whoopee) for not having the bundle because of an error that was at&t’s fault. And the fact that we had to wait another 15 days to get it.
The morning of the installation (Between 12 and 2pm) I was excited to finally be getting what at&t so eagerly wanted us to get. (Approx. 10 letters and so many e-mails I cant count for our business).

“the altercation”

The “premise technition” (Brian) was coming down our road while I was on the phone asking about the statis of our order. I got excited and told her nevermind here he comes. He went around the corner and kept on going so I said (Nicely)“right here guy!”he looked at me like he wanted to kill me. (If looks could kill kinda thing) anyway I was still on the phone with the csr so she heard me and knew I wasn’t being mean.
I went ahead and hung up the phone and he backs into our driveway…I say “hey guy didn’t you see me?” he replied (In a stern commanding voice) and I quote..”now listen here, I have to back into clients driveways so I went around the block…. Do you understand me?”

I let that pass and tried a different approach and I quote myself “ oh man I hope you are good with computers when you install my dsl.. I think I messed it up this morning.”he replied in the same loud and condescending voice… “that is not my problem”
I was shocked and my mother had come around the house because she heard his tone of voice and was concerned and she witnessed what happened next……
I went to my front porch and got on the phone right away and that’s when he said “to hell with you I am not installing nothing for you…I don’t like being threatened.”
I replied i’m just calling your supervisor to make sure this goes smooth because you seem to be in a really bad mood and its not fair to take it out on me…. I don’t let people talk to me that way, I feel like you are being verbally abusive.”
That’s when he came off the porch and shoved into my right shoulder and then his arm brushed across both of my breasts. I almost fell. I was in total shock by then and he loaded up his things while I stood there dumbfounded. He was still cursing and yelling when he got in his van and took off like a rocket. Like I have said this is a private community and the speed limit is 25mph.
About 30 minutes later or so is when someone called me and told me they were refusing to install it now.
Needless to say I spent the next 8-9 hours on the phone with a number of csr’s and
Supervisors (All documented by me) I got no satifaction whatsoever. I did speak to some that were outraged and some who were cold and harsh.
The next morning I started over and the first csr I spoke with talked found this guy ‘brian’s’ boss told me her name and number. (Which no one in the 8-9 hours of trying to find her could/would do)
She told him she had been trying to get a hold of me all last night and this morning and had left messages.
That is a vicious lie, I had not one message and practically stared at the phone all night. I then called and of course she did not answer, so I left a message letting her know I only made whats called a “cad” (Computer aided dispatch) report with the police just to have this on record. I wasn’t going to press charges. She called my home phone and spoke to my mother because I was gone with my 6-year old daughter to the park.
My mother had nothing to do with all the calling and messages I had left so she really didn’t know what to say but instead of this “boss” calling me on my cell which I had asked her to do.
She informed my mother that we were 4200 feet away from being able to have it anyway.
That was such a lie because our neighbor who lives right across the street has it and my friend around the corner has it also. I’m talking a matter of 10-20 yards from our neighbors house plus the fact that they already approved us to have it and was ready to install.
This is just a matter of “u-verse” trying to make us go away and not get anyone in trouble.
I will not stop pursuing this until we have the service installed and this guy brian and this girl kelly maguire are fired from a job that somebody else could use in these hard times.

I am 42 years old and not in good health to begin with.
Since this happened to me I have considered going to the hospital many times because of racing heart and my hair is coming out in handfulls.

Verbal and physical abuse from him and lying and refusing service from her should not be something at&t condones

Pic shows just how far my neighbor really is...

AT&T U - Verese

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