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AT&T / telephone wire hanging down from the pole into the weeds.

1 Newport, TN, United States

I was mowing on Sept 19, 2019 on a riding lawn mower when I ran over some telephone wire in the weeds. One end of the telephone wire was in the weeds(I could not see it, the weeds were about 12 inches tall) and the other end of the wire was still attached to the telephone pole. When I ran over the telephone wire, the wire got stuck in my mower blades. So I had to walk up a hill to my truck and get a cutter and go back down the hill to my mower and cut the telephone wire loose from the mower. As I write this the telephone wire is still stuck in my mower blades. But a senario is this if through the United States every telephone man or electric man working on a pole when he was through working, he cut the wire and threw it down from the pole onto the ground and left it there for someone else to take care of, how responsible would he be????

  • Updated by Fred Sayre, Sep 19, 2018

    Telephone man was ir responsible.

Sep 19, 2018

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