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AT&T / didn't get my accessories

1 5 GODwin lane 27576Selma, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 919-202-5178

I called in to talk abouth my home phone acct. When I was asked about getting a wireless plan, we talked about it, and I asked what would I get with the plan, she told me that I would get a free phone with $50.00 cash back, 450 daytime min. 5000night/weekned min. And a rebate. So I got online to see all the phone because I didn't like the free phone, she said that if I paided for a phone that she would give me a better offer, I asked what was it she said if I paide for the phone that she would give me a bluetoot headset, car chargers, rebate, $50.00cash back, and my mins. Well I got my phone, mins. But that was it. I called in to at&t and talk to so meny people that I said # it, but thay cann't call me for sehit and i'm going to send the phone back. (Ceo) will like that. Jacqueline faison [protected] call me, i'm mad

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  • Je
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    I purchased this phone over a year ago from Amazon with a contract. Then we found out ATT offers family plans, so I went to an ATT store, changed the plan to a family Talk plan, and added a new line for my wife. Also updated my address at the same time since we are moving. All look fine, right? I still got my next bill and next bill after that. I paid all of them on time, online. My current due is $0.00.

    However Today I woke up to a phone call by a collection agency. They have already put a record in my credit history also for nonpayment of $59.99 for this phone ending 7512. I was shocked; I've been paying over $150 every month. I told the collection agency guy this cannot be true, so he gave me an ATT 800 number which did not work. I called 611 to hear this:

    "Sir you changed your account in July 2008, updated the address only on the new account. You have failed to update the address on the previous account, so this is the reason you did not receive our notices". This is the first time I even found out that there was an account change. All I knew as a customer was I changed the plan, then at the same time, gave my new address. However the ATT rep who entered the address failed to update the earlier account that he migrated my phone number from. How a customer would even supposed to know they were moving accounts, its ATT's internal business. All I know is I updated my address, I get my bills, I pay them on time. All I know is I had two phone numbers; I was paying on time for both.

    Now I have a collection agency trying to charge me for their charges, have a negative entry in my credit history, I requested ATT to rectify it, while offering to pay the balance on the original account. They told me they would not do it to a customer who has a clean payment record, that’s their standard of customer service. They even refuse to admit it's their fault. I am extremely disappointed and unhappy about their service.

  • Ji
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    AT&T - No cust. service
    United States

    I had terrible reception, often resulting in dropped calls upon moving to a new home. My cell phone is my work phone. Due to the terrible reception, I was forced to walk around my house and property to find a better (although temporary) signal while saying "I'm sorry, can you please repeat that." AT&T representatives told me that my address show me as living in a "good" coverage area. I even had a dropped call when talking with an AT&T customer service representative (that didn't call me back after the dropped call...even though I had warned them it might happen, and asked them to please call me back so I wouldn't have to "start over" with another representative). Since they didn't call me back, I did start over with another representative, that completely understood the frustrations I was having, since she could not hear me clearly throughout much of the call. Finally, after talking with a financial institution and having the call dropped three times during our transactions, I decided I had to swith plans. The AT&T representative gave me the option of a 1 month test of a newer phone (mine is only 16 months old) that "might" help. They would not verify that my address had terrible coverage, ie: send someone to the property with an AT&T cell phone. They simply said we show you with good coverage. And, my only option was to potentially (maybe?) have better service if I upgrade to a new phone. My final conversation, with a customer service supervisor, was extremely frustrating. He said that my service contract did not state that I would be given perfect reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Could he have been more condesending? I would have appreciated having a clear signal (similar to my previous address) that would allow me to utilize my cell phone on my new property. Long story short, they will be billing me the $175 early termination fee even though I had absolutely terrible reception from my own home (and office). They were extremely condesending and matter of fact with their responses. I highly, HIGHLY, DO NOT recommend AT&T for ANYONE, EVER!

  • Ja
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    She could language that is not explict and not "vulgar" to explain her complaint. Words could offend someone!

  • Ja
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    That is use language that is not explict!

  • Ji
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    AT&T has some of the worst service. I recently agree to switch from Charter Communication to bundle with AT&T and Direct-TV with the premier service because I was quoted a price of both companies at 10 dollars less then what I was recieving from Charter. After asking if this is for real the salesperson assured and I agreed. That is when the nightmare began, both companies installed my service in a timely fashion. However, I did not have the phone number I had before AT&T a representative assured me that as soon as Charter release my number I will get it. This took over 11 days, during that time I had a problem with reception and losing dsl calling the service desk was not a good experience telling me I was to far away from the building that provides these two services which is less then two miles away. This made me think about customers who live further away, does AT&T provide cans with strings attached. however the field techs cared, trying to resolve the problem. This was not my only problem my bill was never 10 dollars cheaper it was over 80 dollars for both. I believe AT&T should be investigated and I believe heads should roll. My advice stay away and remember this "If its to good to be true, it probably isn't".

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