AT&T Rewards Center / reward money not being sent


I previously had Comcast cable service and when I received a letter from Comcast regarding an increase in price for its services, I started to look at the competition. I chose AT&T because a brochure discussed U-Verse, the channels that were available, and the "rewards" that were available for choosing different levels of service.

I decided to check out their offerings online and while online there was an opportunity to chat with someone from AT&T. I discussed the changes I was thinking about (U-Verse, internet, and telephone) and she told me because I was choosing a certain level of U-Verse service (the 200 package) the most she could offer was a $100 reward. I told her based on that, I would just stay with Comcast. She then answered back (again in the chat) that she would offer an additional $100 through her department if I chose to switch to AT&T at that time. I agreed and asked if the total reward would then be $200. She said yes so I changed services to AT&T at that point. I was told that I would receive the rewards in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

About 6 weeks later I get a reward slip that I need to login to the AT&T Rewards Center to cash in. Well, the reward was only for $50. So I called AT&T and explained the situation to them and oh by the way I saved the chat with Sally when I signed up with their services where she said I would be receiving $200. They said they would have to look into it and would give me a call. They said that my service was installed on July 30, 2009 and since I've only had the service for a couple of weeks, I did not yet qualify. I told them that my service was actually installed June 13, 2009 and I could provide the backup to show that date if need be. They said that they would look into it and give me a call. Well, they didn't call but they sent a postcard saying I was ineligible for the reward. So I called again and was told that they would look into it and that I should receive a phone call back. This time they left a message on my phone saying I was ineligible. The problem is that neither time did they explain why I was ineligible and when I spoke to a customer service representative, they could not tell me why I was ineligible.

So, I called one more time and was told that they would process 2 separate $100 payments because one employee could not process both. Gheeez. Two days ago I get another message on my phone saying that I am ineligible for the rewards. The only thing is AT&T has never told me why. When I call they just tell me that they have to have an "investigation" to look into it. Hmmmm. I changed my internet, cable, and home phone over to new AT&T services and I did everything the original customer service person asked so that I would be eligible for the rewards.

I feel duped and am completely disgusted with the lack of customer service and the flat out lying by the AT&T representatives that entice you to switch to their service and then do not follow through on their promises. Again, I've saved the chat and I suppose I should send that to the CEO to see if that gets me anywhere.

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