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AT&T / residential internet service set up

1 United States

On Sunday, 5/13/18, I assisted my college age son in setting up internet service for his new rental home. I did internet chat about the best package as he doesn't watch TV but needs unlimited internet access. I ordered the Internet 100 package & was told I had to call the toll free number to add the unlimited package. I finished the online order, then called the toll free number only to find that it had to be during the work week. Set up date was established as Wednesday, May 16, between noon & 4 pm. This was my first frustration - that I couldn't add the package online, & had to call a weekday only number. I called on Monday, 5/14 & spoke to Joshua who said that he didn't know why they told me that adding unlimited data required a second action. For my inconvenience, he waived the installation fee which was greatly appreciated! My one & only bright spot in this unfolding fiasco. Joshua confirmed installation on Wednesday, 5/16, between noon & 4 pm. My son does freelance work, and of course only gets paid if he is working. He took a minimum of 4 hours off on 5/16, and you guessed it, no one showed up. I called At&t and was put on hold "for just a couple of minutes while they tried to get answers". Repeatedly coming back on with no answers & circular talk which said nothing until I asked for a supervisor, Allison. That call lasted one hour & 2 minutes which required me to use benefit time as well. So, now my family has two people whose jobs are impacted by At&t incompetence. I was never really sure where the "glitch" was from my discussion with Allison. She told me there was no ability to get service installed before 5/21, noon to 4 pm; installation could take 4-6 hours. And yes, the logic here, if you follow it, is that the technician could arrive at 3:45 pm and be there until 7:45 pm to 9:45 pm. We scheduled for 5/21, as my son had commitments which could not be rescheduled & there is no family or roommate within 3 hours who can assist. So, again, he is missing out on a minimum of 4 hours of work taking the total financial impact of At&t's ineptitude up to 9 hours of missed work. Despite a clear statement that no one was available (including AT&T, if Allison was accurate), my son received a call at 8:45 am, on 5/17, stating they would be there in 20 minutes. 1) we clearly said we were unavailable the mornings of 5/17 & 5/18, 2) At&t Alison confirmed the 5/21 installation date, 3) it's St Louis, so even if we could have done it, most people have left for work at this point & are unlikely to get back home in 20 minutes. So, we will see if At&t keeps their commitment on 5/21. I'm not hopeful. The total cost of this fiasco is $320 (8 hours at $40/hour) for my son and $56 for me (one hour of my work). The $376 is about 4 month's of At&t billing. I expect some form of credit to his account in addition to the installation fee waiver for the complete disregard for other people's time & livelihood. Allison could not tell me where to take my complaint so I am starting here. I will be posting this information in as many forums I can as my fury & disgust over this have not dissipated since 5/16. I have never been an At&t customer and do not plan to be one. I expect that his service with At&t to be above reproach after this horrific start.

May 21, 2018

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