AT&T Premier Support / non!! support

Las Vegas, NV, United States

'Premier Support' they call it! BS!!! All I needed was to look up my call records to find a number I previously called weeks before. After having to call 7 times navigating (and reconfirming every time my name, company, account number, on-line password, call back number... (like are you f'n kidding me - 7 times??!! And every transfer asking the same!!) Finally get to someone who claims they can help me by setting up my account on the Premier web site. Then it won't recognize the log in information they gave me!!! WTH!! And the solution? The submitted a 'trouble [email protected]!' And I have to WAIT FOR A CALL BACK!!! Are you f'n kidding me???? Wait for a call back??? Premier Support from AT&T!! Go Verizon, T-Mobile, any other!!

May 28, 2015

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