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AT&T / u verse returned equipment

1 OH, United States

I have also experienced issue with AT&T, specifically/ U-verse/AT&T Customer Service / AT&T significant errors and their seeming inability to correct obvious problems.
Why I returned the U-verse equipment is another whole compliant. But in a nut shell: the scheduled installers didn’t show up and didn’t call (3 times) and then the quality of the product was unbearable to the point where we could no longer watch any TV due to the ‘freezing”. But I’m over that now, and happily back to another cable service.
My current complaint based on AT&T’s total incompetence that has impacted my credit rating. I returned the U-verse equipment as instructed, on time and in perfect condition. A couple months later I received the first bill for the equipment asking if I had overlooked it because it was past due. I called AT&T and their representative tells me that it was a mistake and don’t know why we got the invoice and that they would take care of it. A few weeks later I receive the next invoice and a dunning letter from AT&T. This time I called and they said that they could see the equipment was returned in good condition but they had no ability to correct the amounts owed because ‘another department’ was responsible for that: and oh yes, that department does not take phone calls from customer so I couldn’t talk to them. They wouldn’t even give me a name who I could address a letter.
They did remind me how high their customer service ratings were from JD POWERS (yeah right) and inferred I was alone in having any issue whatsoever with AT&T customer service and their total inability to help me.
Now I have a collection agency calling me and trying to collect the money. I can’t believe that they can just turn this over to a collection agency when their own employees have received the equipment and I have that in writing!!!
It is now impacting my credit rating!!. AT&T is totally incompetent and their customer service is shameful. It is almost like they are intentionally trying to harass and irate me. I would like to see this giant monopoly corporation be more responsible and accountable for their actions.
I’m cancelling my AT&T land line and warning everyone I know….


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