AT&T Internet / inept customer service

Rialto, CA, United States

It took 2 requests and 2 weeks to get service installed. When the tech was installing he told me that the service I was told I was going to get was not available. While the tech was there I was not able navigate to or to conduct internet searches. This required over 2 hours on the phone to customer service to find a work around. Within an hour of the tech leaving and 10 minutes after I resolved the browser issue, the service went down. Over the next day and a half I spent another 4 hours on the phone to customer service to resolve the spotty service. On the third day of service I attemped to cancel. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone to customer service trying to cancel and arrange for the equipment to be returned. I gave up after the 7th represenative wasn't able to help me return the equipment.

I refuse to give AT&T a dime or spend another minute on the phone to customer service. I purchased a verizon hot spot and I have faster reliable service.

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