AT&T / installation of neighbors at&t services.

Kansas City MO, United States

ON 12/31/2016, AT&T stretched a utility wire from the utility pole on the west side of my yard, across our backyard to our neighbors house on our east side. WHY? There is an utility pole in the east side neighbors backyard.
TWO weeks later an AT&T employee came to complete the work of installation. I spoke with him about the issue. He told me that he hooked up the neighbors AT&T service from the pole in his yard. I thought that the issue was resolved. But not so.
A week and a half later, AT&T buried their wire through my yard .
They left a rut across my yard. I bought some dirt to fill the rut. There is a roll of wire on the utility pole in my yard( Not an issue). I am very certain that my neighbor has his AT&T services completed. He would not wait over a month for his hook up.
AT&T is incompetent and they lied to me. I was strongly considering AT&T
for phone/TV/internet but now I want nothing to do with AT&T.

Michael O'Rourke [protected]
6704 E 136th Street
Grandview, MO. 64030

Feb 2, 2017

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