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As I write, AT&T has failed for the THIRD TIME to make their service installation. First time I waited all day, no one showed, no one called. I called them twice, each time told they were behind but that I could expect installation that day. After first day was blown, AT&T rescheduled installation to two weeks later with asking me. There has got to be something about scheduling an installation without my express authorization that is illegal. Nonetheless I took the day off and you won't be surprised to learn they stood me up a second time. I was so angry I worked my way up the supervisor chain and found a woman (Christine?) who promised me 3 months of free service, and a guarantee that installed would be rescheduled the following Monday with my house first on the installation list that day. Well, that is today - and they have again failed to show up. I repeated the whole process up getting bumped up the supervisor list, until I found someone who told me that a technician had just been dispatched to my job. I guess that is how they work - pulling techs off of jobs to do installs for irate people who have already been SUPER-screwed, so the other people that day will be just a little screwed frustrated.

Here's a bright idea, schedule fewer install appointments for a regularly priced service, offer pricing incentives to customers who have scheduling flexibility (home most of the day) and basically keep your scheduled appointments and fill the in-between time with customers who have that flexibility.

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  • Ji
      Dec 11, 2008
    AT&T - Reward center
    United States

    Was sent a notification in the mail, a follow-up to a verbal agreement on the phone with an AT&T representative, that was SUPPOSED to help me get "rewards" (or a rebate of sorts) on my phone bill towards signing up for internet service bundled with my phone service. Went to the site recommended, and the complaint site is the only thing that you can access!!!
    I would recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau, I guess, as an alternative to poor/insufficient services provided as agreed to !!!

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