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Account #: [protected] I ordered AT&T DSL through Direct TV. An AT&T service man came out to set everything up for me, however the DSL modem had not arrived when he came. So ran the wires and left instructions on how to hook the modem to the computer when it arrived. When the modem arrived I did as the service man's instuctions said, however the internet never worked. I called AT&T, they said they would send a service man the next day. The next day, which was a Friday, the same service man showed up around 9:00am and 11:30, the internet still wasn't working. He made several calls to his home office and AT&T support, nothing was working. He left for lunch and came back that afternoon after making another house call, but I still had no internet service when he left at 3:30 that afternoon. So I went the whole weekend without service. Then the next week it finally started working, but only for 10 minutes at a time. I could get logged on and get a page loaded and it would kick me off and I would have to start all over again. After having a terrible a few weeks of no service and then crap service, I called AT&T to cancel the DSL service. I asked them to send me return label so I could return the modem. I also told them at this time I would not be paying for this service due to the fact that I did not receive any service! This took place in December. Come Feburuary, I still had no return label for the modem and I was still being billed. I called again, was on hold over 29 minutes just to have someone tell me she would take care of it and would have a return label put in the mail for me that day (2/13/2012). On Feb. 19 I mailed the modem back with the bill and a note saying I would not be paying for service that was not received. Now AT&T has sent this bill to a collection agency to try and scare me into paying it, and it's not going to work, I AM NOT PAYING FOR SERVICE I DID NOT RECEIVE!!


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      28th of Mar, 2012

    That is as far as i know intresting. last i knew at&t dsl is a seperate service. you need a phone and data line. i had a phone/dsl line in my place through at&t. i never had bad service because i had it set up with 2 lines through at&t [spoke to them no one else to set the oder.] they upgraded me for free when it went to u-verse tv/internet/phone[note i been a customer for 25 years and idk they just gave me it.] sounds like the direct tv company set up your account with at&t wrong.

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