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ATT / direct tv

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On May 22, 2018 I called Direct TV because my 2 yr contract was expiring on May 25, 2018. Gesinius ID#2162 told me my same service( EXTRA Package) would be $55.00 per month with a total of $67.00 plus tax plus $8.99 for the protection. When I get the bill in June I was charged $114.36. I called on June 11th and spoke with Donovan ID# DB400M he said they would review my package and I would here back from a supervisor in 7 days. Never heard back from anyone. The July bill was $98.01, so I called again and spoke with Mario #ID 227620 and he told me to pay the bill less $107.13 and he would be submitting a credit to my account and lowering my Direct TV to $72.99. August 1st, still no credit, called again and spoke with Marcus ID# ML6759. He reviewed the account and said he could see all the information I had given him and he was turning the credit issue over to a supervisor and supervisor would contact me in 7 business days. And he was extended the past due amount of $107.13 to Aug 17th. Still have not heard from anyone or received the credit. Called on August 20th, spoke to Gary ID#LO1650 and he tells me he cannot see anything in reference to the May 22, 2018 conversation, but sees on June 1 where I entered into a new contract for $98.63. I explained to him I had not! So he sent me over to the Loyalty Dept to Marissa. Have no ID # because after giving her my name, account #, contact # we were disconnected and she never called me back. Called again at 8:30pn spoke with Dayana Id# 396347 and she transferred me to Daniel at 8:55 pm, which he referred to himself as a floor manager, att specialist. After giving him a rundown on my situation, he said I am going to place you on a brief hold while I review your account, the next thing I here is music, and then click! Disconnected again and no call back. Called back again spoke with Ann ID# JC2160, she referred me to Dean ID#442740 in the Loyalty Dept. She informs me there was not documentation of the May 22nd call and my billing will be $98.63 a month because that is what I agreed to and there would be no refund of $107.13 plus the overcharge of $25.66 for this month and a late fee of $5.66 for not paying the $107.13, which I was instructed to do. And If I had the service disconnected there would be a $150 charge. Received a call today from att asking why I wanted to cancel the service? Are you kidding me? We got disconnected because I was driving. Call them back Maria ID#151042 informs me that $98.63 is the best offer they can extend to me for being a loyal customer! And possibly I was mistakenly given a quote for new service which be $67.00 for the Extra package. So being a customer of Direct TV since 1987 gets you the Loyalty reward of paying more, being lied to over and over again. There is absolutely no accountability for these people and no moral compass.
My suggestion to anyone considering Direct TV to do yourself a favor and never get involved with such lairs, manipulators of facts, and extortionists. They document or do document facts to fit the situation so the customer falls victim to the switch and bate tactics.

Aug 21, 2018

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