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I went to the Yukon, Oklahoma store to add a line and get a sim card for a phone I already own. My information was taken and was told it would be 20-30 minutes. No worries, I can wait. Five minutes later a new customer enters the store and proceeds to get skipped ahead of me in the ATT que system that everyone abides by. I ask why this customer was moved ahead of me and was given the response my manager told me to take him. I asked to speak to the manager, who was the same person who checked my into the que system. He said that it was a management decision and not to worry. This is not how a que system works, no matter how big or small the issue with the customer the Que is the Que. He begins to say that because the customer had a billing issue that superseded my reason for being their.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Yukon, OK I said that he was their after me and was still working on his issue making me wait even longer. Again, he said it was a management decision and not my issue. At this point I say to Joe the manager that he needs to service the customers that came in before him. He said that he passed off this customer to go to bathroom do to "Stomach issues", I told him I did not need to know of his bowel movements and just wanted to have my phone added to my account. We both begin to metaphorically but heads. He then begins to say that he wants me to leave the store and he was " Calling the Cops". I have never in my life been treated so terribly by a company that I pay each month. I have proudly served my country and became disabled in that process. I truly felt disrespected. I ask that the District Manager or the Store Manager please take action on this situation. My wife was with me and she felt so embarrassed in how we were treated. This what really made me mad.

Aug 08, 2018
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  • 9w
      Aug 08, 2018

    you really expect at&t to care or do anything? insert laugh
    they only care about being paid
    and I do agree that this manager was out of line as well as this claim of the line cutter who was most likely a friend of the managers getting special treatment
    just my opinion
    personally I would goto a better network

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