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Posted: Dec 4, 2017 by    

customer service/ordering/delivering

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So I went into my local AT&T store on the 9th of November, I believe, for what I thought was a simple upgrade. However, the IPhone X was currently on back order, no big deal, right?! Wrong! Everything was fine, order was shipped with tracking number even faster the. I was told! Yay!! Wrong again! November 22, my delivery date, came and went. Then I was lucky enough to have Thanksgiving the following day which I knew would cause an issue. I called anyways to let them know. Holds, transfers, hang ups, the usual. Told to call UPS take it up with them, UPS told me to call ATT they had filed lost and/or stolen now I have to of course work with ATT because UPS doesn't have or carry phones. Ok cool I'll just call back the next day after Thanksgiving. I don't want to ruin my day by being mad and frustrated due to customer service. ****I will note that almost all of the customer service reps were nice, kind, understanding, and really seemed to be trying. It was just beyond their control so I was put in the endless loop of transfers to someone who could help me who has yet to this day been found.**** Next day, November 24th, after transfers, holds for forever, and hangups, we end up conference calling UPS. This took several attempts as well and several times I was conferences in to UPS, and then the representative from ATT would mysteriously no longer be on the call anymore. Finally got it done they spoke, we called it a day due to needing to speak with some department that currently was closed. Next time I called different day same thing happened and I finally talked to someone who after hours had "got it figured out", "here's what will happen", he said. "It takes 7 days for us to go through and finish this process, you'll get al the information via email and text after this call. On the 8th day your phone will be overnighted and on the 9th it will be at your house.", he said. Great, yes, finally, some help! Days later, no email, no text, and al the patience in the world. I get a text from ATT stating that they hope I was enjoying my new device, and to be aware that they still haven't received my old device so I needed to get that in before I'm charged the remaining balance of xxx dollars. (Yes next plan). Called ATT back because I was thinking about it at this point and had not heard anything or got any of this said information about the status of things going on. I wanted to make sure everything was on track considering all the crap I had been told and ran around with before, and now my reminder to enjoy my new device that I didn't have, nor heard anything about, and send in my old phone or have a fee. It's important to note that I needed an upgrade and that I work from home and use my phone daily, constantly for my job. This poor phone is worn slap out! Same round about of transferring everyone seemed to try, once they had enough, it was their break time, or they just didn't want to tell me they had no idea what to do, I was either transferred or hung up on. Last person to speak with said he could see in the notes a claim was in there and an order number was in there but couldn't see anything else at this time. Great, it's in, I'm happy with that. I'm a very patient person, I understand things take time, I understand it's not these representatives fault, and tho maybe they should tell me they dont know what else to do or something besides transfer me or hang up on me, it's ok I just needed to know the order was in and everything was really on track. Today is December 4th, I haven't heard one single thing from anyone about my order, my original order being lost, my "new" order. The process it's going through, where we are in the process. Nothing. I start calls today at 11:30. It was pure torture, representatives great, they try to promise me they won't put me on hold or transfer me due to the experience I've had prior but here we are doing it again! The 3rd phone call today, somehow strangely, ended with me speaking to someone to help me, wasn't even told
To hang on or I was being put on hold,
To random music in my ear and then someone else starts talking saying hello am
I there and asking who I am. Somehow me and this gentleman who was also on hold trying to work with att about direct tv had got connected to each other?!?!?! How does that even happen?!?! The guy was understandably mad, he was shocked and asked me several times that I had nothing to do with att or direct tv but was a customer too. He quickly hung up and said he had to get back to calling because now he knew he was being jerked around and that he was sorry that it was happening to me as well. Here we go againnnnnnnnn, experience a high volume of calls, high wait time, blah blah blah blah... next guy. Poooooor Guy!!! I wasn't nice to him understandably frustrated as I let him know as nicely as I could I was frustrated and I apologized in advance for my frustration, I knew It wasn't his fault but what can I get done. I failed to mention all day that I had been asking for a manager on up to speak too, never did I actually make it to a manager. This guy was on the phone with me for about 1 hour and 45 minutes doing the best he could,
No holds he would simply mute the phone so
I didn't have to worry about that, no transfers, he was speaking to people in and around him from what I understood to no availe. I clung to this poor guy as a last dying hope and kept him on the phone while he was waiting on these illusive ATT managers. I was unaware that they were a possibley endangered species or on the protected species list because their are so few of them. About 2 hours into the call an illusive manager was lured in and he spoke with them, I didn't, he did, and was told that unfortunately he couldn't do anything else. He sees an order number however when he puts in the order number t doesn't appear that it exists. He sees a claim in my notes but doesn't see an official claim either. The time had come that he too had given up on me and transferred me. This lady went through all of it, I asked her for a manager also, she was waiting on her manager, offered to call me back in 30 minutes after she could speak with her manager. Cool, whatever, at this point. I've wasted the majority of my day when I should be on my phone working, doing all this mess with ATT. 30 minutes should have put us at 3:30 as my call back. 4:30 call comes in apologizes and now she's calling ups to see what she needs I'm back on hold, about 45 minutes of this and I'm told that there isn't anything more that she could do. Ups had a 8 day process they had to go through and that Friday should be the end of that 8 day. I would have to give them a call back, or I could
Go ahead and call ups First and see what update they had before calling att and then let att know?! Now I feel as if I'm being tasked by my boss at my job and somehow have started working for ATT. I apologize for my frustration ask her if there is anything else we need to do, why there arnt any managers ever, and why I couldn't talk to one. Hers wasn't there at the moment. She understood my frustration she said. So I asked, so now this is my job, to find out my phone is lost not shipped, and since all of this clearly has t be my fault since I'm being tasked with fixing it. Do you guys ever make calls to fix situations? Do you guys ever update a client that there
Phone didn't make it? Is it always the customer that fields calls and gets the information for you guys? Gah I need
To be paid for the day for this mess! She won't be in on a Friday (of course) so she can't call me back, so I'll have to just call in or call ups and then call att. What kind of crap is going on here?! Once again representatives nice and try, I just feel like I'm given up on because it not a typical case. Where are the managers, why can non of these customer service Red who and figure it out after trying their hardest get a manager to help? After all these calls and days, and no manager was spoke with?!?! Why do I have to finish up the research? Why do I have to continue waiting on something to be resolved that isn't my fault and is out of my hands, but I seem to have to make all the calls for the issue even though it out of my hands. I work from my phone I note again, it's important and this one is worn down. You need a better process, your managers need
To be around, if they even exist, and accessible. I am so frustrated with this whole thing. So is my only choice really call back Friday, oh and by the way call ups for us First and tell us what they said. Like
Is this seriously how things go? I had a back
Orders phone, to lost phone, to who knows what process we are in now or if anything is really being done again. Where does it end?

Resolution, changing your practices, is my goal.

Order number- 51-403000010010812
Tracking number- 1Z8E075R0207579114

Pleassssseeeee hellllpppp
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