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I understand that our Internet & phone service fees are raised every year but I take exception to the aggressive fee increases that at&t force on us for copper base landline service. Just about every month my phone bill goes up. I called and they claim that my basic phone hasn't been raised but blaming the government for these fee increases. I don't believe it because they want to do away with the copper base landline which is highly reliable forcing us to go to a wireless system that is not very reliable. Birch was bad enough though I got a better phone package but at&t is far worse and I'd rather not have a wireless phone if I can't have a copper base landline .

at&t doesn't give a bovine feces about senior citizens either because they continue to gouge us senior citizens who are happy with our copper base landlines. Don't these people understand when we need our phones the most that if we have that wireless garbage that may go down at times could cause a life or death situation. I hate at&t worse than Birch and I can't seem to find another phone company that will offer me copper base landline service at a reasonable price anymore. My computer isn't even wireless and you people need to understand that wireless Internet and phone services are too vulnerable to shut downs and hacks.

I'm also not poor enough to be on at&t's lifeline though I'm on Social Security. And yes I have complained several times but my complaints fall of deaf ears.

Nov 25, 2017

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