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AT&T / Cingular Wireless / I am being stonewalled!

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AT&T is charging us over $1000 because they lied to my husband about their coverage and changed his plan with out our consent.In 2002,(yes I have been dealing with this for 4 years now!!)my husband was in the Marines. He was transferred from CA to TX. He was told but AT&T, that he did not need to change his number, he had a nationwide plan, so he could go anywhere in the US and not ROAM.The 1st month he was in TX he got a bill for $800! He was told they were using another company's towers in TX and his free nights and weekends were not covered.I called and they told me they changed his plan to 600dayminutes and 1000 nights. We never authorized this.Now 4 years later and over 1000 in late charges before my $175 payment for a cancellation was registered...we are being harassed by a collection agency.The collection agency says I have to deal with Cingular and Cingular says to deal with the collection agency because they bought our debt from AT&T. They also told me they can change the contract plan when ever they want. Who is to stop them from changing everyone else's plan and charging what they want?? I am being stonewalled.

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  • Me
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    Deceitful practice. I added a new line to my account in March of 2004. Since my husband had his line for four years, they stated, "We will send you a new phone, once a year for being a loyal customer. March of 2005, his old phone died, (they stated those phones were garbage anyway) and I made the call to ATT/Cingular. Sent out a new phone. Nothing mentioned about extending our contract for another 2 years. After a few days, the phone would shut down, all by itself. So, instead of asking for another phone, I said let's just switch numbers of the phones, since I don't use mine that much. No the company a few bucks. My butt!

    My contract ended March 11, 2006. I switched to Verizon and ported Dennis' number to that account. Now, ATT/Cingular want an additional $175.00 for early termination. I guess somebody has to pay for that big merger.

    People be careful when swimming with sharks. They only pretend they won't devour you.

    Cingular Wireless
    PO Box 17514
    Baltimore, Md. 21297-1514

  • Vi
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    This is a complaint about Cingular and Att Their customer service department must be trained to make life miserable for all their customers and to make them switch to another company. In January my service was discontinued by Cingular even though I mailed a check and it was cashed. After several attempts to correct this and out of service for more than 1 week, a representative noticed that my checks were credited to the Cingular "Att" account and not the current Cingular"cingular" account. They explained this as if I should know what they were doing with my account and it was my fault the checks were applied to the wrong account. They said my checks would be mailed and three weeks later I have no refund.

    Today I spoke first with Cris Cuerrier who informed me he could not even see my old account (how can their customer service help if they do not even have information available?) and was not at all ready to try and solve my problem. The reason did not make any sense to me since 3 weeks before the lady that answered was not only able but willing to get all the information for me. I then requested to speak to a supervisor and after requesting for 15 minutes and him not wanting to give me a supervisor he put me to Erica Hitsman. She repeated the same answer that she could not pull up my records and that I needed to know my old password (more than 2 years old) and was unwilling to give me any information. Nedless to say the prior three people never asked for a password and I gave all of them my name ss# address billing zip code anything else they needed.

    I called a different number and spoke to David Ball who in 3 minutes was able to give me all the information I needed. My two checks were requested and would take 6 weeks to arrive! He never asked for the password but verified it was me with the other information.

    Bottom line the two reps Chris and Erica had a power trip going with me and were unwilling to make any effort to help the customer. If all the reps of Cingular were like David Ball their customer service dept would have great ratings insted of having a customer that is now going to switch back to T-Mobile.

  • Ap
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    About two months ago my husband and I had cingular / att switch our phone plan. We had 1100 anytime minutes between each other, we talked for free and what not, so in the end, we had like 3800 rollover minutes. So we thought, ok.. lets downgrade our plan, since were obviously wasting money. So we called them, and asked them to switch our plan to a lower family plan, and the guy on the phone told us that we would keep our rollover minutes. Well a month later (two weeks ago) they shut off our phone. I owed one bill. So I figured ok, my bad... let me pay that. I call up cingular /att. And I asked the man to turn my phone on and I'll make a payment on my account. The guy asked me how much, I told him the full amount 124.00. The guy told me that, that was not enough money to turn my phone on, and so I asked why. And he said that I owed 1000.00 dollars. I was completely baffled and told my husband to give them a call. So he did. Turns out, the guy who switched our plan separated our phone lines, so we were not talking for free anymore, and they gave us only 300 minutes a piece, and threw out 3800 rollover minutes that we had accrued. So yeah, we obviously went over our minutes, or should I say cingulars minutes, cause that's not the phone plan we asked for. And was not what we were told we were getting. Like my husband told the guy over the phone... how can someone with 3800 rollover minutes, or someone who always had rollover minutes all of a sudden skyrocket a 1k cellphone bill?! I mean come on. Somethings definitely not right. Thankfully they rectified the situation. But, damn. I promise once my contract is up, that's it with that garbage company.

  • Re
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    AT&T claims, that they have an excellent netwrok.But to me it is a piece of junk network.I regret that I switched to AT&T from T-Mobile.I want to complain on this, but not sure to whom.I noticed that they are good at providing false information in thier commercials that they are the netwrok with ''FEWEST DROPPED CALLS"".The fact is that all the calls drop regularly and there is a frequent network busy signal.

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